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In 1901 the High Court of Australia was established by section 71 of the Constitution and, to the extent that legislative provision was necessary, was given the power to administer its own affairs by the High Court of Australia Act 1979, which was proclaimed on 21 April 1980. The Constitution confers both an appellate and an original jurisdiction upon the High Court. Appeals from the Supreme Courts of the States and Territories, from the Federal Court of Australia and from the Family Court of Australia are heard pursuant to special leave to appeal. The High Court is also the final arbiter upon constitutional questions.

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Salary of the Chief Justice
Response by High Court of Australia to Phillip Sweeney on .


Dear Mr Sweeney, The details of the Chief Justice's remuneration are contained in the Determination of the Remuneration Tribunal, which can be found h...
Dear Sir, The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) applies to requests for access to documents. In relation to the High Court of Australia, the Act a...
FOI Delegations
Response by High Court of Australia to Ben Fairless on .


Dear Mr Fairless, Under s 23(1) of the Act, a decision in respect of a request made to an agency may be made, on behalf of the agency, by the responsi...
Social media policy
Follow up sent to High Court of Australia by James Smith on .

Partially successful.

Thank your for your response and for providing me a copy of the Court's Code of Conduct. Yours sincerely, James Smith

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