This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Construction of Two Sheds'.

Request for Building Records 
Including: Plans, Consents and Certificates 
Fee: Search - $55 per hour or part thereof 
Plus photocopy fees from council’s fees and charges 
  The owner is the only person permitted to access this information unless we have 
written consent from the owner/s. 
  Searches involving numerous development applications or applications dated 
prior to 1985 may be a lengthy process. Council will contact you with an estimate of 
time and associated additional search fees if the search is expected to exceed one 
Address of Property: 
Street No:                       Street:                                 Town: 
Lot:                             Section:                                DP: 
Who originally owned the house: (i.e. Who the dwelling was built for) 
What year built: (approx) 
 Email                                          Post                                          or Collect  
Current Owner:  
Signature:                                               Phone: 
Signature:                                                Phone: 
Office Use Only: 
Development Application No: 
Receipt No:                                                                Date: