This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'SPEAR 09-20044/FOI Request'.

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9 May 2016 
Mr Ben Fairless 
By email only to: [FOI #1885 email] 
Dear Mr Fairless 
Acknowledgment of Freedom of Information Request 
I refer to your email dated 21 April 2016 received by this office on 21 April 2016 in 
which you sought access under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) to: 
All documents related to the FOI File for the FOI request reference 
"SPEAR 09-20044/FOI Request". 
Your request constitutes a valid application from 21 April 2016. Subject to certain 
exceptions (for example where it becomes necessary to consult with affected third 
parties in respect to the disclosure of documents caught by the terms of the request) 
which may extend the processing time period, the FOI Act provides that an 
application must be processed within 30 days after receipt of a valid application.  
You should note that, while the first five hours of decision making is free of charge, 
charges may be assessed for time spent in searching for and retrieving relevant 
documents, decision-making time in excess of five hours, photocopying and postage.   
You will be provided with a preliminary assessment of the charges before the final 
decision is made about access to the documents you have requested.  You will be told 
the final assessment of the amount to be charged at the time of the decision about 
Agency Publication Obligations 
You are advised that Section 11C of the FOI Act requires ASIC to publish, on our 
public website, copies of any documents which may ultimately be released to you, 
with the exception of personal information about any person, or information 

pertaining to the business, commercial or financial of any organisation or information 
pertaining to the business or professional affairs of any person, where it would be 
unreasonable to publish that information or documents in respect to which, the 
necessary modifications to the document to be released would make the release of the 
remainder of the document impractical. You are referred to the terms of section 11C.  
Should you have any questions concerning the processing of your request please 
contact me by telephone on 02 9911 2847.  
Yours sincerely, 
Philip Peck 
Financial Services Enforcement 
(Authorised Decision-maker pursuant to section 23(1) of the FOI Act)