2015 Review of WACHS Elective Surgical Waitlist practices and policies. Dr Hoffman

Mr Liddiard made this Freedom of Information request to WA Department of Health

The request was refused by WA Department of Health.

From: Mr Liddiard


Dear WA Department of Health,

In 2015 Dr T Hoffman was seconded by the Department of Health WA to carry out a review of elective surgical practices by WACHS.

She was mindful how Elective Surgery Access and Waiting List Management Policy was being implemented.


Please can you supply:
(1) The findings from Dr Hoffman as published in a report and correspondence with the Department of Health WA.
(2) All waitlist and theatre allocation documents that were requested by Dr Hoffman from WACHS in supporting her report. Whether specifically created for Dr Hoffman or internal Department of Health WA documents.

Yours faithfully,

Special-Is as Special-Does

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From: DOH, FOI
WA Department of Health

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Dear Mr Liddiard


The Department of Health (DoH) acknowledges receipt of the attached email
requesting access to records under the Freedom of Information Act 1992
(FOI Act).


In order to make a valid application under the FOI Act, the following
information is required:


·         An Australian address for correspondence – a phone number would
also assist for communication purposes.  If wishing to correspond by
email, this would need to be done directly to you, or if requesting
through an organisation, written authorisation is required.


·         Payment of the statutory $30.00 application fee – this can be
done by


–      Cheque / money order (either posted, or personal delivery to
reception DoH, East Perth)

–      Cash (personal delivery to reception DoH, East Perth)

–      On-line payment  (an invoice will be raised and remitted to you via
email for all online payment methods)

Note:  If an invoice is to be raised, a contact phone number is required.


An FOI application form is attached which provides additional information
in regard to the DoH FOI process.


Your further advice is requested.  Please ensure the correct email address
is used:  [1][WA Department of Health request email]




Best regards

Nareen Burnell | Senior Integrity Officer - FOI 

System-wide Integrity Services   

Governance and System Support Directorate             

Department of Health

2nd floor,  C Block,  189 Royal Street,  EAST PERTH  WA  6004

T:  (08) 9222 6411

E:  [email address]



Disclaimer:  The contents of the email transmission are intended solely
for the named recipient(s), may be confidential, and may be privileged or
otherwise protected from disclosure in the public interest.  The use,
reproduction, disclosure or distribution of the contents of this email
transmission by any person other than the named recipient(s) is
prohibited.  If you are not a named recipient please notify the sender



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Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

Note 1: Mostly I classify a response like this one to say "clarification requested" because the agency has told the applicant that some more information (or money!) is needed before the request will be processed. With this request, I have put the response in the category of "refused" because it is some time since the agency responded and the applicant does not appear to have made a follow-up. It is possible that a follow-up has been made by the ordinary post or by private email but Right to Know has not heard anything about this. Even if the applicant did not follow-up agency questions, it does not mean that the agency will refuse the request when an application is made in the correct (required) manner.

Note 2: Although an application under the Freedom of Information Act 1983 of the Commonwealth of Australia does not require an application fee, this is not the case with applications in the states and territories of Australia. Then an applicant must usually pay a fee, or the request is not valid. Also, the Commonwealth agencies might demand payment of a fee to cover extra processing costs. If the fee is not paid, the request will not be processed.

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