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Dear Aidan


We acknowledge receipt of the attached Freedom of Information request.


Your request was received by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (the department) on 15 April 2017.


Your request will be processed in accordance with the FOI Act.


The department will notify you of any charges or of a decision as soon as practicable.


For documents that fall within the scope of the request, it is the department’s policy to withhold:


•             the names, signatures and contact details of departmental staff who are not in the Senior Executive Service (SES);

•             the mobile phone numbers of SES officers; and

•             the names, signatures and contact details of ministerial staff below the level of Chief of Staff.


The names and other details of SES officers will be released unless the information is exempt from disclosure.


If you require the names or contact details listed above, please let us know by return email at [email address], otherwise we will consider that you agree to that information being excluded from the scope of your request.


Should you have any queries in relation to this email, please contact the FOI team.


Kind regards


FOI Team

Legal, Audit and Assurance Branch | Corporate Division

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

GPO Box 2013, Canberra ACT 2601