This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request '2018 Premium Rate Increase'.

Search and Retrieval  
The sample consists of emails comprising 52 pages and attachments comprising 284 
I estimate that it would take 16.8 hours to search, retrieve and schedule the 
documents. The number of hours is calculated based on the following:  
   2 minutes to review each page and tag the relevant pages falling within the 
scope of the request (11.2 hours); and  
  1minute per document for preparation of the schedule of documents (5.6 
hours) for review by the decision maker. 
This means that it would take a Departmental officer working on the task full time 
approximately 2.24 business days to complete the search and retrieval of documents, 
as identified in the preliminary assessment. As this assessment was made on a 
representative sample of 9% of emails and 11% of attachments, it would take 
approximately 22.4 business days for search and retrieval of all documents (100%) 
which fall within the scope of the request. During this period, other duties expected 
of that officer would not be attended.  
Decision Making  
To discharge my responsibility as decision maker, having regard to the complexity 
of the documents, it would take me, on a conservative estimate, an average of 3 
minutes to examine and make a decision about each page. This could take up to 16.8 
hours of my time (or approximately 2.24 business days).  As this assessment was 
made on a representative sample of 9% of emails and 11% of attachments, it would 
take approximately 22.4 business days for examining and making a decision about 
each page. 
Additional time may be required to undertake consultation with any identified third 
parties and draft my decision. 
It is estimated your request in its current form would take, at a minimum, 44.8 
business days to process. 
As a senior executive officer in the Department and the decision maker for your 
request, if I were to work on nothing other than your FOI request, this would 
unreasonably divert me from my other tasks. 
Please note that the above estimate is based on a sample of emails and attachments 
to emails alone. In addition, there are at least 295 additional individual pieces of 
correspondence in response to the private health insurance premium changes this 
year (up to the date of the FOI request). We also have other records held in our 
recording system. 


Unreasonable diversion of resources 
Having formed the view that processing your FOI request would substantially 
divert the Department’s resources from its other operations, I have considered 
whether this substantial diversion of resources would be ‘unreasonable’ in the 
The Private Health Insurance Branch works to ensure Australians continue to have 
access to affordable and appropriate private health insurance. The branch oversees a 
wide range of insurance programs ranging from the visitor, parent and overseas 
student health cover policies through to lifetime health cover, private health 
insurance round, industry compliance and implementation of government reforms. 
Reallocation of limited staff resources to deal specifically with your FOI request 
would compromise the Department’s ongoing divisional work set out above. This 
would need to be significantly altered as a result if the work of your request is to 
proceed in its current form.   
I am therefore of the opinion that utilising adequate resources to process your 
request would result in an unreasonable diversion of resources of the Department 
from its other operations. 
Having regard to the volume of documents falling within the scope of your request, 
the amount of available resources that would be required and the impact on the 
administration of the Department’s usual activities, processing your request would 
involve both a substantial and unreasonable diversion of resources from the 
Department’s other operations.  
On this basis, I am satisfied that a practical refusal reasons exists for the purposes of 
paragraph 24AA(1)(a) of the FOI Act. 
It should be noted that in the event that the Department was to process this request, 
the content of a vast number of the documents would be such that the material 
would likely be exempt from release under s38 of the FOI Act. 
Consultation period 
The consultation period during which you can consult the below contact person is 
14 days commencing after today and ending on 5:00pm on Wednesday 18 July 2018
Contact person 
The contact person whom you may consult is Mr Pierre Nijssen who can be 
contacted by telephone on (02) 6289 1508 or by email at