Dear Mr Sweeney


I refer to my email to you dated 5 December 2018 in response to your request under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) (‘the Act’) sent by email on 26 November 2018.


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (‘ASIC’) advises that the Counsel briefing ASIC in relation to the NULIS proceedings in the Federal Court are: Tim Faulkner SC and Joanne Shepard.


As ASIC has provided the names of Counsel to you in relation to these proceedings, and ASIC did not receive a response from you by 12 December 2018 as stipulated in my email to you on 5 December 2018, ASIC considers that your formal request under the Act has been withdrawn.


Kind regards,


Jeremiah Leong

Freedom of Information Officer, Chief Legal Office

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Level 7, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000

Tel: +61  3 9280 3451

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