Good afternoon,


Your Freedom of Information Request


I refer to your email dated 10 December 2019 in which you seek access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.


Upon consideration of your request, the AFP is of the view that your request will take longer than 30 days to process.  The delay is regrettable, however, due to the AFP’s stand down period for Christmas and New Year being within the original decision making time and the requirement to undertaken further searches with the relevant line areas to identify relevant documents, the AFP will be unable to finalise this matter within the 30 day time frame, therefore it will not be possible to advise you of a decision by 9 January 2020.


Accordingly, pursuant to section 15AA of the Act, I seek your agreement to extend the period to notify you of a decision to on or before 8 February 2020.


I apologise for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause and will endeavour to provide you with a decision as possible.


I would be grateful if you would advise this office in writing of your agreement to the proposed extension of time before close of business 9 January 2020. 


If you have any queries in relation to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact this office.


Kind regards,


TANYA (AFP14692)

Tel +61(0) 2 51269366

Australian Federal Police