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Decision to register a registrable 
superannuation entity 
Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 
TO: PostSuper Pty Ltd ACN 064 225 841, RSE licence number L0002714 (the RSE 
on 23 May 2006 the RSE licensee applied for the registration of Australia Post 
Superannuation Scheme SFN 160 463 945 (the entity), as a registrable 
superannuation entity under section 29L of the Superannuation Industry 
(Supervision) Act 1993 
(the Act) (the Application for Registration); and
the Application for Registration complies with section 29L of the Act; 
the RSE licensee has provided to APRA all information that it was 
requested to provide under section 29LA of the Act or the request has 
been disposed of; and
I am satisfied that nothing in the governing rules of the entity conflicts 
with Part 6 of the Act; and
I am satisfied that the risk management plan for the entity meets the 
requirements of section 29P of the Act; and
the RSE licensee holds an RSE licence that enables it to be a trustee of 
the entity.
I, Tony Randle, a delegate of APRA, under subsection 29M(1) of the Act, REGISTER 
the entity. 
The registration number for the entity is R1056549. 
Tony Randle 
General Manager
Superannuation Licensing

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In this Notice
APRA means the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.
registrable superannuation entity has the meaning given in subsection 10(1) of the 
RSE licence has the meaning given in subsection 10(1) of the Act.
RSE licensee has the meaning given in subsection 10(1) of the Act.
Note 1
Under paragraph (i) of this notice APRA has stated that the Application for Registration 
complies with section 29L of the Act. This statement has been made on the basis of information held 
by APRA. If however, since making Application for Registration to APRA the trust deed by which 
the entity is constituted, the governing rules of the entity, or the risk management plan for the entity 
has been varied or revoked and replaced, and the RSE licensee has not lodged with APRA an up-to-
date copy of the relevant document, section 29L(6) may have the effect of making the Application 
non-complying, which may affect the validity of the registration of the entity. If these circumstances 
are applicable, immediately contact APRA regarding the issue and lodge the required documents.
Note 2
Under section 29MB of the Act, after the registration of a registrable superannuation entity, 
the RSE licensee of the entity must ensure that the entity's registration number is included in the 
documents specified in section 29MB, unless the RSE licensee has been given written approval by 
APRA not to include the number in a particular document or in a class of documents.
Note 3
Under subsection 29N(1) of the Act, APRA must cancel the registration of a registrable 
superannuation entity if a reporting document within the meaning of the Financial Sector (Collection 
of Data) Act 2001 
relating to the entity is given to APRA under that Act and states that the entity has 
been wound up. Under subsection 29N(2) of the Act, APRA may cancel the registration of a 
registrable superannuation entity if APRA is satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that the entity has no 
beneficiaries and no assets and that there are no outstanding claims against the entity for benefits or 
other payments and that any other circumstances prescribed in the Regulations made for the purposes 
of paragraph 29N(2)(c) exist.
Note 4
Subdivision B of Division 5 of Part 2B of the Act sets out the requirements of RSE 
licensees in relation to risk management plans following the registration of a registrable 
superannuation entity.