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DIIS - Released under FOI Act
Section 17(1)(c) of the FOI Act
Position/job titles 
.Net Developer 
Account Manager 

Acoustic Metrologist / Measurement Specialist 

Administration officer 

Administrative support Officer 

Agile Coach 

Agile Practitioner 

Analytical Laboratory Support Officer 

Anti-Doping Scientist 

Antimicrobial and Pesticides Residues Laboratory Chemist 

Antimicrobial Laboratory Technician 

Antimicrobial/Allergen Laboratory Chemist 

Antimicrobials Residue Chemist 


Assistant Director/Manager 

Assistant Manager ETL/BI Developer 

Assistant Program Manager  

Backup and Recovery Technical Engineer/Specialist 

BAU Database administrator 

Bioanalysis Main Lab Coordinator 

Business Analysis 

Business Analyst 
Business Analyst/Project officer 

Business Specialist 

Business-Change Analysts 

Carbon accountant 

Change Manager 

Change Specialist 

Chemical Laboratory Manager  

Civil Engineering Specialist 

Cloud Architect 

Cloud Solution Architect 

CN Service Support Officer 

Communications Officer 

Communications specialist 

Community Liaison Officer 

Compliance officers 

Content Designer 

Content Writer 

Contract manager  

Contract support officer 


Coordination and Governance Office 

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DIIS - Released under FOI Act
Section 17(1)(c) of the FOI Act
CRM Architect 

CRM Developer 

CRM Platform Architect 

CSU Officer 

Customer Experience Officer 

Customer Service Co-Ordinator 

Customer Service Manager 

Customer Service officer 

Cyber Security 

Data Analyst 

Data Compliance Officer 

Data Officer 

Database Administrator 

Defence Business Adviser 

Discovery Finance Officer 

Drupal developer 

Dynamics CRM Developer 

EL 2 Manager - Community Engagement 

Electrical meteorologist / engineer 


Engagement Officer 

Enterprise Architect 

Establishments Officer 

Events Officer 

Executive Assistant 

Exhibit Developer 

Facilities Assistant 

Finance Officer 

FMIS Development Services 

Food Analysis Chemist 

Food Biological Lab 

Food Residues Team Leader & Antimicrobial Chemist 

Fraud Assessment and Investigation Officer 

Front End Developer / User Interface Designer 

Ful -Stack web developer 

Functional Analyst 

GC & LC Chemist 

General Manager  

Geospatial and Business Analysis 

Geospatial Data Analyst 

Governance Officer 

Grants and Events Officer 

Grants Officer 

Graphic Designer 

Group Bookings Officer 

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DIIS - Released under FOI Act
Section 17(1)(c) of the FOI Act
ICP/MS & ICP/OES Chemist 

ICT Contract Manager 

ICT Security Specialists 

Infrastructure Tech Lead 

Inorganic Analyst 


IT Delivery Manager 

IT Security Compliance Specialist 

Junior Economist 

Laboratory Consumables and Purchasing Officer 

Laboratory Consumables, Purchasing & Client Invoicing Officer 

Laboratory Services Unit Officer 

Laboratory Services Unit Sample Preparation Officer 

Laboratory Services Unit Support Officer 

Laboratory technician 

Legal Services 

Manager Systems 

Manual Tester 

Mechanical technician 

Network Engineer 

Organic Analyst 

Payroll Officer 

Pesticide Residue Analyst 

Policy Manager 

Policy Officer 

Procurement and Administration Officer  

Procurement Specialist 

Program Coordinator 

Program Manager 

Program Officer 

Project and Policy Officer 

Project management Officer 

Project Manager 
Project Officer 
Property Management Services 

Property Manager 

PSPF Reporting Process Co-Ordinator 

Radioactive Waste Consultant 

Reporting and Communications Officer 

Safeguard Mechanism work 

Safety Officer 

Scrum Master 

Secretariat Officer 

Secretariat/Administrative Support 

Security Analyst 

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DIIS - Released under FOI Act
Section 17(1)(c) of the FOI Act
Security Architect 

Security Contractor 

Senior Analyst 

Senior Business Continuity & Emergency Management Coordinator 

Senior Communication Officer 

Senior Data Administration & Compliance 

Senior Data Analyst 

Senior Data Analytics Officer 

Senior Data Compliance Officer  

Senior Finance Officer 

Senior Infrastructure Systems Engineer 

Senior Inorganic Analyst 

Senior Lawyer Secondee 

Senior Policy Officer 

Senior Project Manager 

Senior Project Officer 

Senior Secretariat Officer  

Senior Software Developer 

Senior Titles Officer 

Service Designer 

Service Desk Analyst 

SGMS Functional Analyst 

Sharepoint Administrator 

Sharepoint Developer 

Sitecore web developer 

Smartform Developer  

Software Programmer 

Solution Architect 

Support Officer 

System Administrator 

System and Cloud Administrators - Server Engineer 

System and Cloud Administrators - Service Engineer 

System Engineer 

System/Network Engineer 

Systems Tester 

Technical Advisor 

Technical Development Officer  

Technical Expert 

Technical Officer  

Technical Test Analyst 

TechnologyOne Developer 

TechnologyOne Senior Application Developers 

TechnologyOne System Administrator 

Test Analyst  

Test Manager 

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DIIS - Released under FOI Act
Section 17(1)(c) of the FOI Act

Titles Officer 

Trace Element Sample Preparation Chemist 

UAT Test Analyst; 

UI Designer / Front End Developer 

User Experience Researcher 

User Interface Designer  

UX Designer 

Vitamins Analysis Chemist 

Vitamins GC Analysis Chemist 

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