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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2020 04:55:24 +0000
Subject: CM: RE: Freedom of Information request - Originator fields from email messages sent to AusIndustry officials [SEC=OFFICIAL]
From: Ellie <>
To: Freedom of Information <>

The second email on 13 October is the updated request. You may disregard the first email on the same day.

Your understanding of the FOI request is correct to the extent that it is taken within the context of the entire request as provided (including the elaboration).


-----Original Message-----

Dear Ellie

I refer to your correspondence (attached), both emails received on Tuesday
13 October 2020.

Can you please confirm this is the same FOI request.

If so, I understand your FOI request is for access to:

“..documents containing the values of all originator fields [4] in email
messages sent from legal counsel to provide guidance/advice/opinion for:

(a) Hon Christopher Pyne regarding AD-HOC ADVICE;

(b) Hon Craig Laundy regarding LEGISLATION ADVICE;

(c) Unknown Officer regarding TENDER ADVICE;

(d) Ms Charlotte Tressler regarding CONFLICT ADVICE; and

(e) Ms Emma Greenwood regarding ADJR ADVICE.”

I would be grateful for your confirmation at your earliest convenience but
no later than Friday 16 October 2020.



FOI Team

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