This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'List of Distribution Areas & Premises Count for FTTN 1000 Node Trial'.

7 August 2014 
Mr David Cooper 
Sent via email: 
Our Ref:  FOI1415/6.03 
Dear Cooper, 
FOI Application – 1000 Node Trial 
I am writing in relation to your request made under the Freedom of Information Act, 1982 (the FOI Act). In particular, you were 
seeking access to: 
A document outlining each Exchange Service Area, Distribution Area and Number of Premises that will be participating 
in the FTTN 1000 Node Trial. This document would have been used as the basis for establishing the number of nodes 
in NBN's press release located here -
construction-of-fttn.pdf and the published statement from the Federal Minister of Communications as reaching 206,000 
As required by section 15 of the FOI Act, I am acknowledging this FOI application. NBN Co received your request on 27 July 
2014 and the period for processing your request commenced from the day after that date. For your reference, the statutory 
period for processing an FOI request is 30 days, subject to any suspension of the processing period or an extension of the time 
for deciding the application. Subject to any such additional processing time, NBN Co must make a determination in relation to 
this application by 26 August 2014. You will be advised of any charges as well as any need to consult third parties in relation to 
your request. 
Processing Period & Charges 
In addition, please note that processing charges may be imposed and that consultation with third parties may be required for 
any FOI request. If it is necessary to consult with third parties, additional processing time is provided under the FOI Act. 
Applicants will be advised of any charges as well as any need to consult third parties in relation to an FOI request. Furthermore, 
those parties would have the opportunity to object to the potential release of documents affecting their business affairs.   
For reference, NBN Co’s approach to processing charges is outlined at the following hyperlink: Submission to the Office of the 
Australian Information Commissioner Charges Review. In particular, I refer you to NBN Co’s support of a roughly 40-hour cap 
for all FOI processing charges. I would also refer you to NBN Co’s FOI web-page, which outlines charges associated with FOI 
applications. Applicants generally will be charged for processing time, including search and retrieval, consultations and 
decision-making time, regardless of the outcome of the access request. In other words, applicants may be refused access to 
documents or information and still be required to pay FOI processing fees. 
NBN Co’s Commercial Activities Exemption 
I also refer you to NBN Co’s commercial activities exemption (the CAE), as per section 7(3A) and Part II of Schedule 2 of the 
FOI Act. As you may be aware, documents that are in relation to NBN Co’s “commercial activities” are not subject to the 
operation of the FOI Act. For your reference, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (the OAIC) completed a 
review decision in January 2012 (the Internode Decision), which provides background and guidance as to the application of 
the CAE to NBN Co. The Internode Decision may be found by clicking on the following link. The OAIC completed an additional 
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(02) 9926 1901 
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review at the end of July 2013 – the Battersby Decision, which further clarified the scope of NBN Co’s commercial activities 
exemption. While I am not making an FOI decision, nor have I formally reviewed any relevant documents, there is a possibility 
that documents falling within the terms of this FOI request may be subject to the CAE, among other exemptions from release. 
Disclosure Log Notification 
In accordance with the FOI Act, NBN Co is required to publish documents provided to FOI applicants within 10 working days 
after release. The information you seek may be published in full (as released to you) or with some additional exceptions as per 
section 11C of the FOI Act. For further information, visit our Disclosure Log on NBN Co’s website at
If you have any questions or need to discuss your FOI application, please feel free to contact the writer on Tel. (02) 8918 8596 
or via email on 
David J Mesman 
GM Legal – FOI and Knowledge Management 
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