This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Citizenship waiting list for Perth metropolitan area'.

Freedom of Information Request FA 21/07/00986 
Number of people waiting to attend an Australian 
citizenship ceremony, according to their 
preferred/scheduled council in the Perth metropolitan area 
(as at 6 August 2021)* 
No. of people 
Armadale City Council 
Bassendean Town Council 
Bayswater City Council 
Belmont City Council 
Cambridge Town Council 
Canning City Council 
Claremont Town Council 
Cockburn City Council 
Cottesloe Town Council 
Fremantle City Council 
Gosnells City Council 
Joondalup City Council 
Kalamunda Shire Council 
Kwinana Town Council 
Melville City Council 
Mosman Park Town Council 
Mundaring Shire Council 
Nedlands City Council 
Perth City Council 
Rockingham City Council 
Serpentine-Jarrahdale Shire Council 
South Perth City Council 
Stirling City Council 
Subiaco City Council 
Swan City Council 
Victoria Park Town Council 
Vincent City Council 
Wanneroo City Council 

*note, the Department cannot identify clients according to their 

Local Government Council of residence. 
This report may differ from previous or future reports due to the 
use of a dynamic database for current financial year figures. 
The Department of Home Affairs must be consulted regarding 
any requests to use this data for purposes not originally intended 
or discussed.