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s. 22(1)(a)(ii)

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Joint Offshore Service Provider Forum – PNG 
Terms of Reference 
The terms of reference for the Joint Of shore Service Provider Forum – PNG (JOSPF – PNG) 
defines the purpose and responsibilities of the forum while outlining meeting arrangements and 
The JOSPF – PNG has been established as a coordination and information sharing mechanism 
and has a short to medium term focus for all offshore processing and settlement services and 
related government’s policy. 
The Department of Home Af airs (the Department)’s Regional Processing and 
Resettlement Task Force manages and coordinates the forum to: 
• uphold service delivery in the Papua New Guinea regional processing environment;
• uphold service delivery in Port Moresby;
• promote cooperation and communication between Service Providers within Papua New Guinea;
• discuss and respond to emerging issues; and 
• address other topics and issues as determined by the Department.
The meetings between the Department and its Service Providers are a means to develop a 
collaborative and cooperative relationship at a strategic level. 
Forum Members 
The Department manages and coordinates the JOSPF – PNG meeting as the Department’s 
contract administrator. The Chair of the JOSPF - PNG is the  First Assistant Secretary - Regional 
Processing and Resettlement Task Force. The Department and the Service Providers responsible 
for delivering Garrison, Welfare, and Health services in Papua New Guinea have each nominated 
representatives who wil  attend the JOSPF - PNG to discuss issues and action items as required. 
New members can be nominated during meetings and included in the membership by agreement 
with the existing membership group. 
Joint Of shore Service Provider Forum (JOSPF) – PNG Terms of Reference 

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Members may nominate a proxy to attend a meeting if the member is unable to attend. The 
Secretariat wil  be informed of the substitution via email to Regional Processing Health 
s. 22(1)(a)(ii)
at least three working days prior to the scheduled 
• Members have the responsibility and authority to take action to support and maintain the
delivery of services under the Garrison, Welfare, and Health Contracts in Papua New Guinea.
• Members and invited attendees are expected to observe the highest standards of ethical 
conduct. This includes contributing honestly and openly, showing courtesy to other members 
and disclosing any potential conflicts of interest. Members are also expected to keep classified
information confidential and only share information within their own networks to further the work
of the JOSPF - PNG.
• A member must disclose to the Chair any situation that may give rise to a conflict of interest, a
potential conflict of interest, or a potential perceived conflict of interest. The Chair wil  make the
determination whether there are adequate grounds for excluding a member from any related
discussion or decision regarding a conflict of interest issue.
The responsibilities of Members are to: 
• monitor and assess service delivery performance;
• raise risks and share information that may impact the Department or other Service Providers;
• work collaboratively to achieve the required departmental outcomes;
• where applicable, consult with s. 33(a)(iii)
 to inform
• review  management reports; and
• provide overarching coordination of continuous improvement initiatives from all Service
Agenda Papers 
• Members wil  be required to contribute to the setting of the agenda, review and progress action
items that arise from the meetings. Members are also responsible for preparing agenda papers,
as set out by the standing agenda.
• Papers must be provided to the Secretariat by the due date stipulated, allowing meeting papers
to be circulated to the members prior to the meeting. Late papers wil  only be accepted at the
Chair’s discretion.
• Papers and supporting documents must be prepared in a format suitable for electronic 
distribution and be viewable/accessible on a tablet device (such as an iPad or Surface Pro).
• Papers must clearly articulate any risks, financial considerations, opportunities, deficiencies and
challenges and describe any disparate views.
Joint Of shore Service Provider Forum (JOSPF) – PNG Terms of Reference 

  Document 5
Unless indicated otherwise, all papers, documents and minutes are confidential. Members may be 
provided with other confidential material, which they should not disclose to anyone outside the 
JOSPF - PNG meeting and should treat with the utmost care and discretion. Members should be 
aware that documents, minutes and decisions, can be requested by government agencies 
including, but not limited to, the Commonwealth Ombudsman, the Australian Human Rights 
Commission and Comcare, and also made available to the public under the following: 
•  Freedom of Information Act 1982; or 
•  the Australian Governments Public Data Policy. 
Meeting arrangements 
The meetings wil  be convened and facilitated by the Department in Canberra, in accordance with 
an agreed meeting schedule. Additional meetings or out-of-session meetings may be scheduled as 
required. In the event that some members are unable to attend, the decision to proceed with, 
reschedule or suspend the meeting wil  be at the discretion of the Chair. 
The meeting agenda and associated papers wil  be circulated three days prior to each meeting. 
Minutes and action items wil  be recorded and distributed to the members. 
In order for decisions to be made at meetings there is to be a quorum of no less than half the total 
current number of members plus one, and must include either the Chair or their nominated proxy 
and members from the Contracted Service Providers. 
Terms of Reference 
Terms of Reference wil  be reviewed annually or as required to ensure the relevancy of JOSPF – 
PNG meetings. Any proposed amendments to these Terms of Reference must be circulated to all 
members for consultation and approved by the Chair. 
Secretariat – Regional Processing Health. Contact details are via email 
s. 22(1)(a)(ii)
Subject to the particular discussion topics, guests or observers may also be invited to attend the 
JOSPF - PNG meetings. This wil  be at the discretion of the Chair, with arrangements to be 
facilitated through Regional Processing Contracts. 
Joint Of shore Service Provider Forum (JOSPF) – PNG Terms of Reference