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Employment Principles 
24 March 2021 
The APS is a career-based service that: 
  makes fair employment decisions with a fair system of review; and 
  recognises that the usual basis for engagement is as an ongoing APS employee; and 
  makes decisions relating to engagement and promotion that are based on merit; and 
  requires effective performance from each employee; and 
  provides flexible, safe and rewarding workplaces where communication, consultation, 
cooperation and input from employees on matters that affect their workplaces are valued; 
  provides workplaces that are free from discrimination, patronage and favouritism; and 
  recognises the diversity of the Australian community and fosters diversity in the workplace. 
The Employment Principles are set out in section 10A of the Public Service Act 1999- external site. 
View and download the APS Values, Employment Principles and Code of Conduct