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Margaret A
Freedom of Information request - Correspondence in relation to “National Judicial Registrar & District
Registrar QLD – SES1” position
Sunday, 13 March 2022 10:35:11 PM
Dear Australian Public Service Commission,
Under the FOI Act I request access to correspondence, including emails, sent and received by staff at both the
Federal Court and Kate McMullen of the Australian Public Service Commission about the classification and re-
classification of the “National Judicial Registrar & District Registrar QLD – SES1” position.
I also request copied of the role review assessments that would have been provided to the Australian Public
Service Commission by the Federal Court given that acting assistant commissioner Kate McMullen concluded
that “the role review process … had resulted in certain positions being found suitable for either (classification)”
and that Ms McMullen would have based her conclusions on some evidence of role reviews.
There is a public interest in providing access to the correspondence and the role review documents as Justice
Greenwood of the Federal Court accused both Warwick Soden and Sia Lagos of obfuscation (Mr Soden did
make false statements to Justice Greenwood about the powers of the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s
representative) and there is a lot of FOI requests on this website that would suggest that Ms McMullen made
errors while conducting her investigation.
Yours faithfully,
Margaret A
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