ABAA Type Certificate Data Sheet issued for VH HTR Amateur built aircraft

Wendy Kavanagh made this Freedom of Information request to Civil Aviation Safety Authority

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From: Wendy Kavanagh


Dear Civil Aviation Safety Authority,

VH HTR is listed on the CASA website as a amateur-built aircraft, Model C-65 Serial No.01.

This is a 65,000 cu.ft. hot air balloon and the owner has used a Kavanagh Balloons model designation C-65 and the same color scheme and registration as the original balloon built by Kavanagh Balloons, but since deregistered.

Concern: This amateur balloon has been built using old balloon panels as a template and the original load tapes.

We consider this to be a breach of Kavanagh Balloons' rights as a Manufacturer under a Production Certificate as the visual impression gained is that this amateur re-build is in fact a Kavanagh Balloon.

Yours faithfully,

Wendy Kavanagh
Kavanagh Balloons

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From: Smith-Roberts, Jennifer
Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Dear Ms Kavanagh

I refer to your email below of 11 November 2015.

It is not clear from your email what documents you are seeking access to. Do you wish to make a Freedom of Information request for documents, or would it be more appropriate for me to forward your concerns to the appropriate area of CASA for action?

Kind regards

Jennifer Smith-Roberts
Freedom of Information and Finance Officer Legal Services Division Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Ph: 02 6217 1445
Fax: 02 6217 1607
Email: [email address]

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