All correspondence and documentation related to the documentary film Frackman

Dan Monceaux made this Freedom of Information request to Screen Australia

The request was partially successful.

From: Dan Monceaux


Dear Screen Australia,

I am writing to request access to the all correspondence and documentation related to the feature documentary project Frackman, directed by Richard Todd and produced by Smith & Nasht in collaboration with Freshwater Pictures. My request includes (but is not limited to) applications for funding, offsets or other agency support, project proposals, assessment reports, internal and external correspondence and project acquittal reports.

Yours faithfully,

Dan Monceaux

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From: FOI
Screen Australia

Dr Mr Monceaux,

Thank you for your FOI request dated 18 August 2016 in relation to Frackman.

We will provide our response to the request by 16 September 2016.

Yours sincerely,
Screen Australia

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From: FOI
Screen Australia

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Dear Mr Monceaux,

I enclose Screen Australia's response to your Freedom of Information request dated 18 August 2016.


Susie Cortez
FOI Co-ordinator

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Dan Monceaux left an annotation ()

I received some documents released in part, with no fees payable. There were many redacted sections and details, and many more exempt documents listed.

My original request was considered to place too great an administrative burden on the agency, so I've been encouraged to rescope my application and reapply if I so choose.

I was pleased to have received some information, and may consider lodging related requests in the future.

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