Complaints around Centrelink debt notices

Jackson Gothe-Snape made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Human Services

The request was refused by Department of Human Services.

From: Jackson Gothe-Snape


Dear Department of Human Services,

If possible, please treat this as an administrative or informal request.

Otherwise, please consider this a request under the FOI Act.

On the morning of 3 January 2017, Christian Porter noted in a radio interview that 276 complaints had been received relating to Centrelink debt notices.

Can you please provide the count of such complaints at 5pm AEDT on 3 January 2017.

I ask that all fees in relation to this request be waived because the release of the count is in the public interest as it is useful in improving service delivery by the Department.

Yours faithfully,

Jackson Gothe-Snape

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From: Carl English

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Our reference: RQ17/00657

Agency reference: LEX 27109


Mr Jackson Gothe-Snape


By email: [1][FOI #2899 email].


Dear Mr Jackson Gothe-Snape


Extension of time request under s15AC


On 24 February 2017, Department Of Human Services (the Department)
requested further time to make a decision on your FOI request of 3 January

Section 15AC of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) (the FOI Act)
allows the Information Commissioner to extend the processing time for an
FOI request where the initial decision period has ended and the agency or
Minister has not provided the applicant with notice of a decision. The
Department has advised this Office they have not made a decision in the
statutory time period. The FOI Act deems that your request has been
refused (deemed refusal).


As a delegate of the Information Commissioner, I am authorised to make
decisions on requests for extensions of time under s 15AC(5) of the FOI
Act. I have decided to grant the Department an extension of time to the
Department to process your request.

We note that this extension under s15AC of the FOI Act will mean that the
deemed refusal is taken never to have applied if the Department makes a
decision on your request by 16 March 2017.


Such an extension can only be granted once and cannot be extended by a
variation. This extension under s15AC of the FOI Act means the Department
cannot reimpose a charge.


If you would like to discuss this matter I can be contacted on 02 9284
9745 or email [email address]. Please quote the reference number


Yours sincerely


Carl English | Assistant Investigation and Review Officer | Freedom of
Information Dispute Resolution

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Level 3, 175 Pitt Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

GPO Box 5128 SYDNEY NSW 2001| [2]

Phone:  +61 2 9284 9745 | E-mail: [email address]


Protecting information rights – advancing information policy



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Department of Human Services

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Dear Mr Gothe-Snape


Please find attached correspondence in relation to your Freedom of
Information request (LEX 27109).




FOI Legal Team

FOI and Litigation Branch | Legal Services Division

Department of Human Services

* [1][email address]


[2]Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
Description: cid:image001.png@01CD1993.20C1C870

This email and any attachments may contain information subject to legal
professional privilege or information that is otherwise sensitive or
confidential. If you are not the intended recipient of this email, you are
prohibited from using or disseminating this communication. If you have
received this communication in error please notify the sender immediately
and permanently delete this email.


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