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Dear WA Coroner's Court,
I am enquiring to see if a Coronial Report was made in the instance of the death of Mollie Iris Hewitt in 1998 and if so whether the family could access this report?
Mollie Iris Hewitt was born on 21/3/1914 and died at Kalamunda hospital on 3/9/1998. I have contacted Freedom of Information East Metropolitan Health Service and they informed me that her medical records were destroyed on 17/11/2014.
Her medical records number is J0336256.
We have a copy of her death certificate but there are two errors in the section which describes the cause of death so we are seeking further clarification.
Mollie’s eldest son has recently been diagnosed with cancer and she has two other children, grand children and great grandchildren and we have been advised to seek further information about Mollie’s health records to assist in the prevention/management/diagnosis of family members.
I appreciate your time.
Please let me know if I need to provide further information.

Yours faithfully,

Denise Hewitt (I am the daughter in law of Mollie Iris Hewitt)

WA Coroner's Court

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