Correspondence between FFA and VIC Police prior to the Western Sydney Wanderers vs Melbourne Victory fixture February 2016

Diyana Lusic made this Freedom of Information request to Victoria Police

The request was refused by Victoria Police.

From: Diyana Lusic


Dear Victoria Police,

I am currently a student from Macleay College requesting access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act (1982).

I would like to request any correspondence between Football Federation Australia and VIC Police Force prior to the A League fixture between Western Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne Victory FC on 6th February, 2016.

I would also like to request any correspondence or documents between VIC Police Force, Football Federation Australia and the Fan Engagement Coordinators of Western Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne Victory FC prior to the A League fixture on 6th February, 2016.

Yours Faithfully,

Diyana Lusic

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Victoria Police

Good Afternoon Diyana,

You can make an FOI application by either submitting a request online at (using your bank card) or via the post to the FOI Office, PO Box 913 Melbourne Vic 3001.

FOI requests must be in writing and clearly state the documents sought and be accompanied by an application fee of $27.20 (cheque or money order if by post) plus proof of your identity (a photocopy of your driver’s licence). You can also request a fee waiver if you can show hardship by providing a copy of your pension card or health care card.

If you have a civil matter currently before a court, you may wish to consider contacting the Victoria Police Subpoena Management Unit on 9247 6954 and subpoenaing the required information.

Victoria Police

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