court case Robert hardy Paterson versus Indinji tribe - facts and findings

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From: Sarah Addo


Dear Queensland Solicitor-General,
Local Government (Aboriginal Lands) Act 1978 - Queensland ...

This Act may be cited as the Local Government. (Aboriginal Lands) Act 1978. 2. Arrangement of Act. This Act is divided into Parts and a schedule as follows:-.

[PDF]Local Government (Aboriginal Lands) Act Amendment Act 1978
commencement of Part II of the Local Government (Aboriginal. Lands) Act Amendment Act 1978, of land, which pursuant to section 9 or 10 is part of the Shire of ...

[PDF]local government (aboriginal lands) act 1978 - Queensland Legislation
Dec 31, 2003 - Local Government (Aboriginal Lands) Act 1978. PART 5—PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE SHIRES. AND THEIR COUNCILS. 19. Right of ...
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[PDF]local government (aboriginal lands) act 1978 - Queensland Legislation
Jul 4, 2000 - Local Government (Aboriginal Lands) Act. 1978. PART 5—PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE SHIRES. AND THEIR COUNCILS. 23. Right of ...

I believe that between 1976 and 1978 Robert hardy Paterson Senior, was residing in Yarrabah at the time of a court case he was involved ( believed to occurred between time frames mentioned above.) The Local Aboriginal Land Act was what we believe the court case was in reference to. We also would like any reference to other cases that were conducted under the Local Government Aborigines Land Act,
At that time we did not have the rights or education to follow the complex legislation that governed us. Hence we need support in our difficulties to get answers for the oral history that our elders are claiming .
We believee Kunggandji Gurrabuna People,& Robert Patterson Senior, won a case before the Aurukun Nation (Wik) did o0n 22 May 1978.
Please excuse our difficulties of no knowing file numbers etc but we are now trying to take control of our lands and our communities.
We believe that this court case happened between time frames mentioned and that Mr Patterson had versed the Yidinji? Indinji nation, in which he proved that the Kunggandji Gurrabuna People were found to be the first Aboriginal nation to occupy ing the eastern coastal areas, know as Cairns and Yarrabah.

We urgently humbly request that these documents be accessible to the Kunggandji Gurrabuna Kimuy People to advise the Australian Federal Government

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Addo
Authorized Person
Kunggandji Gurrabuna Kimuy People & Respondent to the Native Title Court matter for Cairns, Australian Federal Court

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