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Nicholas L'Estrange made this Right to Information request to University of Queensland

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Nicholas L'Estrange

Dear University of Queensland,

I am writing to request the latest data on the number of Chinese students enrolled at your institution.

Yours faithfully,

Nicholas L'Estrange

Right to Information, University of Queensland

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Dear Nicholas,


Thank you for your enquiry.  I’m pleased to advise that the information
you have requested is publicly-available via the [1]UQ Reportal.


To access statistics regarding the country of permanent domicile for UQ


1.       Click “Guest Login”;

2.       Under “Standard Reports” click the “Student” hyperlink;

3.       Double-click “Enrolments – Headcount”;

4.       Double-click “Permanent Domicile (31 December)”;

5.       For a breakdown of international students by country, click the
“International Students – Permanent Domicile” tab at the bottom of the


The information is current to the end of 2017.  Please click the “Notes”
tab at the bottom of the screen to view notes regarding the information.


I believe that the 2018 figures will be available via the UQ Reportal in a
few weeks.




Justin Rofe


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