Data breakdown of punctuality statistics for Metro Trains

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Dear Public Transport Victoria,

I am requesting a breakdown of the data you used to calculate Metro Train’s at this page:

Specially, do you have data available that shows what time the train was scheduled to arrive and what time it actually arrived?

Further, do you have data that shows whether the train was a “late addition” or “removed” from the planned schedule?

Yours faithfully,


PTV FOI, Public Transport Victoria

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Dear Customer,


Thanks for your message.


Following a machinery of government change, the Public Transport
Development Authority (trading as Public Transport Victoria or PTV)
transitioned into the Department of Transport on 1 July 2019. For further
information, please refer to the [1]Victoria Government Gazette and the
[2]Transport Legislation Amendment Act 2019 which came into effect on 1
January 2020.


The Department holds punctuality data for Master Timetable services for
January and February 2022 which are the most recently reported months
currently on the [3]PTV website. The [4]Master Timetable is the long term
passenger timetable operating and changed in accordance with the franchise
agreement. These timetables change fairly infrequently (generally once or
twice per year). The Department is currently unable to provide detailed
punctuality data for services which are not on the Master Timetable.


Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic), an FOI request entails a
statutory application fee of $30.10. You can submit your FOI request via
the [5]secure on-line FOI portal and pay the application fee using credit
card through the secure portal. Please direct your request to the
“Department of Transport” in the drop down menu to ensure your request is
directed to the correct agency for processing. The application fee can be
waived if you are under financial hardship. Please upload a copy of your
pension or health care concession card in lieu of the application fee when
making your request.


Many thanks.





Freedom of Information Unit

PO Box 4724 Melbourne Victoria 3001



PTV is now part of the Department of Transport

For more information visit [6]

or call 1800 800 007 (6am – midnight)



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