Dear NBN Co Limited, Under Freedom of Information, can you please advise me of the distance between my house and the node I will be/am contacted to?

jenny lawless made this Freedom of Information request to NBN Co Limited

The request was refused by NBN Co Limited.

From: jenny lawless


Dear NBN Co Limited,

Under Freedom of Information, can you please advise me of the distance between my house and the node I will be/am contacted to?

My address is 8 Thompson Road Speers Point, 2284 NSW

Yours faithfully,

Jenny Lawless

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From: Rohan Singh
NBN Co Limited

Attachment 02.Letter Jenny Lawless RTC ID.pdf
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Dear Ms Lawless

Please see attached correspondence.

Best regards

Rohan Singh
Senior Legal Counsel – FOI, Privacy & Knowledge Management
Corporate Advisory and Systems Engineering & Operations Legal Team
Level 11, 100 Arthur Street, North Sydney NSW 2060

nbn acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional custodians of all the lands upon which we work.

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Richard Smith left an annotation ()

This response from NBN is fairly juvenile and disingenuous.

In essence they are saying "since you didn't ask for a specific document - and FOI is about documents, we are going to pretend you didn't ask us at all".

However, as per s17(1)(c) of the act:


Requests involving use of computers etc.
(1) Where:

(b) it appears from the request that the desire of the applicant is for information that is not available in discrete form in written documents of the agency; and

(c) the agency could produce a written document containing the information in discrete form by:

(i) the use of a computer or other equipment that is ordinarily available to the agency for retrieving or collating stored information;

the agency shall deal with the request as if it were a request for access to a written document so produced and containing that information and, for that purpose, this Act applies as if the agency had such a document in its possession.

So its clear.


the agency has the information in their computer system, which in this case it is reasonable to assume that NBN would have maps with their network and addresses in electronic form,


NBN can produce a document comprising of an extract of this information.


NBN needs to treat the request as if it were for the document it can produce from information in its computer systems.

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Joshua Michael left an annotation ()

This looks like a dead question now, but in case anyone else stumbles upon it.

Putting your address in here: http://nbnmtm.australiaeast.cloudapp.azu...

I can see it's approx 149m.

I'd suspect you can also provide a dial before you dig request for this area as well to verify the copper path.

If you're interested because you're trying to figure out how to move to FTTP, here is some crowd sourced data on it

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