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Robyn Brown made this Freedom of Information request to ACT Human Rights And Discrimination Commissioner

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From: Robyn Brown


Dear ACT Human Rights And Discrimination Commissioner,
I am a 48 yr old pensioner. I was in the past a victim of a hate campaign run by my previous neighbour Kate Peisley.
She was a business woman who used to lease a small take away in Mowbray. It was called Top of The Hill Cafe.
I am a psychic empath and at the time I was very dedicated to my daily routine of meditation. I actually was profoundly Clairvoyant and I was a Medium. My chakras shut down when I became homeless and I no longer have vision.
I had at the time been attempting to get my two middle children home from the care of welfare. They were and still are residing with a woman who's name is Michelle Birtwhistle and she resides in Punchbowl under an order that made them wards of the state until they are 18 years old.
I was living in Sturt Crescent Mayfield Launceston.
Anyway, I had been through a really bad relationship with my children's father who had previously thrown petrol over me and attempted to set me alight. He was a violent person.
This happened in Merbien Victoria.
I returned home though I was unable to find suitable accommodation, actually, I could not find any accommodation because I had a bad credit rating.
With nowhere else to turn, I asked the Department of CSS to take care of my children until I could get housed through the public housing system here in Launceston.
They kept me in there for two hours insisting that I sign a document, signing them both into the care of the department.
I tried to avoid this though they told me that they would not be able to take them if I did not and I had nowhere to go with them. They forced me to do this.
I was devestated though I was given little choice.
They assured me that once I got housed through the TAS housing system, they would return to me my babies.
Though this did not happen. I went on to attempt to have both my children, Diamynd who was only 2 and a half years old and my son Blade who was only 11 months old at the time, returned into my care.
I did there child care program, I gave regular urine tests that were clean apart from marajuanna though they claimed that they were not concerned about the marajuanna.
I did not smoke it often.
They placed them both in the care of a woman who I only knew as Penny and who lived in South Launceston.
But my children were neglected and I believe this woman hit my children and they suffered other abuses such as my son Blade was left in dirty nappies and had open sores which worsened, and he had head lice and even though I bought all the products for them expecting her to use them, she obviously did not because Blades sores never did heal and he had head lice right up until they were placed elsewhere. Diamynd had red eyes like she was not sleeping and she would kick and scream as I put her in the car to return to Penny after a contact visit. She was always tired and though she did not tell me what was wrong, she showed me with her behaviour.
Before I placed my children in the care of CSS, I bathed them twice daily, they had clean clothes and they were always very happy.
On intake, my daughter was given an IQ test because she demonstrated that she was very clever and she had an IQ of 146.
She was in the top 10 percentile and was incredibly smart.
The minister for Children gave her a scholarship to Scotch Oakburn starting at early learning through to college though my team leader Tim Fowler lost this and claimed that he would find it though he did not and neither did he attempt to have it replaced.
I was devestated for my daughter.
I had a support worker named Susan who went on to become a Case worker though I was constantly complaining about how my children were being treated and I constantly asked managers to find a better placement for them as they were obviously being abused by the woman who had care of them.
It took 8 months before they were moved to a new placement where they lived with Karen and Kel McCormick in Invermay.
They were much happier and better looked after and cared for by this couple.
Though Karen had surgery a year after they moved there and Kel had breathing difficulties and they had to put them in someone else's care.
They then went to stay with an older couple in Newnham, and I cannot quite think of their names this minute though they smacked my son regularly. They took a baby into their care and they sent my children to another home.
This is how they came to live with Michelle Birtwhistle.
My children would not ever call another person mummy though within 3 weeks Michelle had my babies call her mum and refer to me as mummy Robyn.
I was very upset and heartbroken.
I complained to the CSS workers but they did nothing.
I had been in a long-term relationship with my ex partner Peter Nowowiejski and I fell pregnant with my youngest son Oscar while my children had spent 3 years in care with not one over night stay. They were not even attempting to reunificate my children back into my care.
I was a good mother and I always walked to town into the Aboriginal Centre so they could play with other children and I had people to talk with.
My house work was always done the night before, I kept my home tidy.
My life was kaotic though that is how I liked it.
Though their father stalked me and threatened me and I was always beaten by him.
So, getting back to living with my ex partner Peter, I had a difficult time trying to get my babies home.
I not once passed a dirty urine that I can remember.
I was incarcerated for 3 months before I fell pregnant with Oscar and CSS brought my children to weekly visits at the prison while I was there.
I was imprisoned for driving offences and I had an assault charge that dated back to me 1999,before my daughter was born.
I was granted a VOC payment of the $20,000.00 which I gave $3,000 each to Diamynd and Blade, and my eldest son. I still was unable to find private housing though.
Fast forward to the day I moved into Sturt Crescent, I only just finished helping move everything and I went into labour. Oscar was born the same day.
I kept to myself and stayed at home a lot.
I only wanted to focus on bringing my children home and my family together.
I would spend a lot of time in meditation, 2 hrs each morning and 2 hrs each afternoon. I was really highly intuitive and I would get a lot of premonitions.
Though welfare constantly gave me different support workers who occasionally would write a negative report or even the slightest thing that they did not like, they would exaggerate everything. And they would constantly interfere in my time with my children or tell me what they thought I should be doing instead of simply observing.
I soon met my corner neighbour Kate Peisley and her partner Phil.
It was because I actually got into a fight with a woman who was the daughter of my other neighbour.
The drank all the time and would use really bad abusive language
And I had only just had a baby so my hormones were full on. I had already spoken with this particular neighbour and asked politely to please keep the profanity down because I had welfare to answer to and my children would not like this.
The second week I was home, they were drinking and the abuse was loud and very explicit. They were preventing my baby from getting any rest. The second he'd dose off to sleep, a female next door woke him. She was screaming and swearing and it went on all day from before noon until 11 pm a taxi was tooting rather loudly.
I thought that that was the end of it and was pleased thinking that Oscar would finally be able to get some solid sleep until midnight. Another taxi sat tooting for ten minutes until I went next door and banged on their door.
I remember going mad at my neighbour who was an older man and then a woman came down the hall yelling and I recognised her voice. She threw a punch and I ducked it but I hit her square in the eye and I dropped her to her knees.
I felt really very awful but they were not ever going to let up.
So this is why Kate and Phil introduced themselves properly and they started inviting me over for coffee.
I was sitting on my front step the next day enjoying a smoke when they said hello and asked what happened the night before.
Yet they were quick to add that they were watching from their window.
They were really nice I first thought and I would occasionally go and sit next door with them and have a cuppa.
We got along OK right up until Kate's best friend from kindergarten took an overdose and died suddenly and unexpectedly about a year after we first met.
I would have Crystal healings at the time with a gifted Shamanic Crystal Healer and I happened to go to one a few days after Kate's friend Kristy died. While I was in my healing, Kristy came to me and asked me to pass a message to Kate for her.
My healer Susan Neighbour had given me a DNA activation code healing around 4-5 months prior which bought in my 13th DNA strand and opened me up to true voice of spirit. Basically I was open to the spirit world.
So when Kristy asked me to tell Kate to keep her shoes, I did with no real concern about Kate knowing my secret. I did this for Kristy.
When I got home, I told Phil to tell Kate to come outside. She had not gotten out of bed in days. She knew exactly what I was saying and that's when everything turned sour with Kate.
She would be constantly sending her kids over to knock on the door asking me to go over to her place and I occasionally did this though I had a baby to look after and children to try and get home as well as my meditation practices that was very important to me. It was helping me to overcome my trauma from the incident where I had petrol thrown over me as well as PTSD and I was leaning how to deal with my depression.
So I could not always be there for Kate and besides this, she became very spiteful and would talk about me to her other friends.
I could see the way these people looked at me and acted towards me so I rarely went over to Kate's place any more.
She was really very demanding and I believe it was because she wanted me to connect to her deceased friend Kristy but I was not willing to do this.
I had become friends with my other neighbours after our fight and I would escape to their place to get away from the constant knocking on the door and asking to go to Kate's.
After 6 years of so called reunification, I lost my babies. Kate had been a big part of why I was unable to get them back.
And welfare were always phoning me and informing me of my son Blades bad behaviour, weather at school or home and this was my fault even though he did not live with me or even if this occurred 3 or 4 days after I had contact.,they were always accusing me and blaming his bad behaviour on me when I could do or say nothing. My support worker was Richard, the husband of my first support worker Susan, and even he would say how different and how well behaved Blade was when he was with me. He would jump all over Michelle's car, and not do as asked, play up and be difficult to control when with Michelle but he would calm the minute they pulled up in my drive. Richard would say that it was my aura that was calming.

I was in town attending a meeting for Anglicare discussing how CSS treated us, I was among others in the same circumstances. I caught fleas from a woman who was there. They were awful and even though I bombed my house 3 times in a week, I could not get rid of them. I needed a fumigation. I told Kate to stay away. I admitted myself to hospital because they terrorised me and Peter would not admit we had them so I could not get the fumigation because I needed the TAC to pay for it as I was broke.
After a week I came home and then I was able to have the house fumegated finally. Long story, I had to show mental health that it was not in my head. Vinegar kills fleas from your hair so,... It got done.
All the while, Kate had grown jealous of my other neighbours and she threatened me that she was going to start rumours and have me bullied. She even invited me into her home and told me all about it and how she planned on going about this
She told me that I had to stay away from my other neighbours place, to no longer visit my mate, as I had become good friends with them.
She told me that I would not be able to get a restraining order to stop her from having me bullied and no point telling anyone because nobody would believe me and surprisingly enough, I was unable to even get an interim order against her. She had met the justice and had drinks with him, she paid $5,000 to ensure that he refused me this order against her. Fact.
And that is how it went. Though she had her daughters bully Oscar who was just 3 years old at the time it started. Libby was 10 and Taliha was 8.
We were followed everywhere, on the buses, pointed out in town and ridiculed, I was attending the Murina Program at the UTA$ Newnham campus though I was subjected to taunting and snide comments and I could no longer continue with these studies.
I was pursued on the bus to Hobart each month when I would go see my gp for my medications, and my son Oscar was taunted by her kids and their friends from down the street.
It continued for nearly 3 years. Oscar started kindergarten and he would not leave his classroom until half way through the second term. A little boy made him go out into the playground and made sure he was OK.
He would come home from school and I could see it on his face. She had broken his spirit and he still lacks confidence and has not recovered from the bullying he endured.
My children were taken from me and placed under the care of the state until they are 18. Kate constantly made false reports to CSS and because I admitted myself to ward 1e at the Lgh so I would not bash her, it went against me. CSS tried to say that I was never bullied, nor did I have fleas and that it was all in my head and they even state that to this day.
I lost my mind, I had a psychosis and I was lost in my mind for 6 weeks before I got lost in Hobart in my mind. I was taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital and placed in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit.
Not one police officer in Launceston would help me, but I even though I had police come to my house twice when I was lost in psychosis, though the Bridgewater police did help me thankfully. Though I refused to take any of their medications in the Psychiatric Unit.
I am a lightworker, a powerful healer, and I realised something was wrong. I could not work out why nobody had come and gotten me out. I told myself that I had evil in my mind and I spent a full day and night sending love from my heart to my mind until I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and I was fine. That is when I agreed to take their medications. Ability 10mg and my usual valium though I rarely take this now and I no longer take the ability.
I was sent home 4 days after being admitted. I was told that people that loose their minds like I had, never get their minds back. The doctors thought it was really very remarkable that I got myself together and overcome my psychosis.
When I got home, the bullying stopped. I noticed people were suddenly nice to me and people were smiling at me.
I could not work it out.
My ex partner Peter moved out and took my son Oscar with him.
I suffered an emotionally sick heart after my children were taken from me by the courts and it was very debilitating. I was constantly fatigued and I shut off from Oscar because I believed that I would loose him also. And I found it hard to love anyone or anything.
I had been asking for years for Peter to move out. He lived in my home for 7 years after we separated, and he was really very difficult to live with and turned a blind eye to our bullying. Oscar was still being ostracised by those at his school right up until only earlier this year.
I was shot last December in my femus and after my leg healed, I took Oscar into my care.
Though welfare were not ever going to allow me to keep him. I had taken the drug ice on two occasions when I had Oscar in my care.
I was also under the influence of this drug when I was shot. Welfare applied to the courts for orders and stated that I am mentally unfit to care for my boy. They tried to claim that because I was shot that I clearly hang around with criminals and involve myself in criminal behaviour. This is not entirely true. I do not associate with anyone nor do I go anywhere. I have however broken the law. I am really very ashamed of myself and this is totally out of character for me. I have been ordered to maintain contact with the forensic nurse. I am really very grateful for this opportunity. I cannot trust many people.

Oscar was very sick when he came into my care. I took him to see a paediatrician and I had to retoilet train my ten year old son because he has a tear in the wall of his collun causing him to loose all control over his bowel movements. I enrolled him at Hoju Martial Arts and he was attending twice a week. He had only been four weeks before welfare took him back to his dads place but he was starting to build confidence. He urinates his bed when at his dads, and he has urinated on Peter's bed, in the kitchen cupboards, in the lounge room on the floor, he will not do anything his father asks him to do. He is sad all the time and he does not play with other kids nor will he play outside. He is only interested in gaming. He has a ps4 and a computer he plays games on.
He only had one friend at school but this friend left for a new school at the start of this year. Oscar was really very upset about this and he threw a few tantrums in the classroom. The school blamed me and my parenting for his outbursts informing CSS that he was not coping living with me without even asking why Oscar was acting up.
I did tell them though it was all too late. I informed them at the family group conference that we had early this year.
Welfare also claimed to the courts that I am crazy because I am a psychic. I showed my Facebook pages with recommendations though it was pointless. And I was asked to attend a psychologist appointment for a mental health assessment. I passed and the psychologist said that I am really very intelligent yet wrote a report saying that I am delusional because I believed that I was bullied. I spent no more than 4 hours with this woman. So I believe her diagnosis is false due to the fact that she did not have enough time to properly assess me and my character, nor did she have time to assetain if I actually had any mental illness at all. She effectively ended all hopes of regaining the care of my son any time soon.
Oscar lives with two large dogs inside the house and the house stinks.
Peter does not ever wash his dirty dishes and you cannot get to the sink to pour a glass of water.
The house is cluttered and dirty.
It's difficult to move around and Pete has to bribe the dogs outside during Oscar'smeal times. Though they do not always go outside because they know what they will miss out.
Oscar does not eat breakfast though he sometimes snacks on a pkt of potato chips and he lives on take away food. Pete will cook him pizza occasionally or heat up two minute noodles or sometimes he'll have baked beans or spaghetti.
Though most of his meals are take away food
Peter does not ever cook Oscar vegetables, Oscar does not eat many vegetables and he will not eat fruit except for watermelon occasionally.
Oscar does not brush his teeth and he has stains on his front teeth from drinking coke and he also has fillings.
He spends most of his time in his bedroom playing ps4 games alone.
I bought Oscar a loft bed and mattress but need to send it to his father's place because he is still sleeping on the mattress I bought him when he was 3 years old. It's 7 years old and it is stained with urine.
He has nothing to play on outside other than the electric scooter I bought him though he will not ride it yet. He has never rode a bicycle.
Oscar has really long toe nails and he will not allow anyone to cut them because he lacks confidence.
When Oscar was with me, he missed four days at school because I could not walk. I had been walking on my leg while it was still broken and my knees locked up. I called CSS and the TAC and neither the CSS workers nor the TAC would assist me in getting Oscar to school. I had been pleading with Peter since the start of the school year for help to get him to school. He would not answer any of my calls and when he did, he refused to take Oscar because he was effectively helping me. On the fifth day, welfare insisted Peter help take Oscar to school. Peter did not see that by insisting I walk Oscar to school, he was not helping his son as I was unable to, he considered that if he took Oscar to school, he would be helping me out. He did not want to do this.
Oscar had spent 8 weeks with me before his father even bothered to contact him or answer Oscar's calls. This hurt Oscar and Peter was wrong to do this to him.
Prior to Oscar coming into my care, Peter would constantly threaten him with welfare when he would not do something Peter wanted him to do. He would take him out in the car and drive around aimlessly in the middle of the night, at times like 2 am in the morning, and he would be telling Oscar that welfare would take him away and put him in a home or he would threaten to take him to the the police station, saying that they would tell welfare he was being a naughty boy and that welfare would take him away.
He would frighten him with these stories. Oscar has already lost his bigger brother and sister to welfare so these threats really has had a terrible effect on Oscar. Especially since Peter was using fear as a way to control Oscar.
But Peter is the cause of why Oscar expects to stay up late as he would allow Oscar late nights when it suited Peter and this was often.
Peter also used the play station and use of the wifi to watch YouTube, as a means to occupy Oscar while he went out, like a way of babysitting him.
Yet, I was persecuted by welfare over 4 absent days when I was unable to walk.
Peter has kept Oscar home from school around 57 or 58 days in 2017 alone, yet Oscar's lawyer accused 'me' of not sending him to school yet Oscar was not in my care in 2017.
Welfare also told the court that my house was dirty. My son had left his Lego blocks on the floor and I did not move them because he had them strategically placed and was coming back to them. And I had started to unpack Oscar's fishtank and I had foam on the floor from out of the box. I later tidied this. Yet Peter's home is filthy.
I have refused to give CSS urine samples through the Frederick street pathology because I believe that they will tamper with my urines. Though I have offered and I am very prepared to give urine samples at the Lgh pathology. I have good reason for needing to do this though I was accused of being paranormal by the justice in court. I am unable to give the real answer to why I will not attend pathology in Frederick St.
Please, I am far from paranoid.
I had over two thirds of Launceston bully me and I do not trust CSS because they were fully aware of this and they even took false reports from the women responsible knowing that I had been complaining about this woman and informing them that she had involved Oscar in her bullying tactics.
This woman still stalks my Facebook to this day and she encourages her friends that live around me, to make false reports to CSS, which they actually did do, making 3 separate reports to CSS that are entirely untrue allegations.
Just recently, I have started seeing a forensic nurse who says the he will write a report for welfare to help me, though they have no intention of giving my son back regardless. They are really not concerned about Oscar's welfare or well being for that matter. They only wish to hurt me and they actually are still doing favours for Kate Peisley. She has a few associates who work for CSS.
CSS removed Diamynd and Blade wrongfully and now they are trying to stop me from seeing my son Oscar who really does need me.
Oscar wants to live with me and is unhappy living with his father.
I took Oscar home and kept him in my care after Peter told me that he went out of the house in the middle of the night while Oscar was sleeping for about an hour and left my son alone with the dogs in the house because it was worth the $100 to him.
Earlier this year, Peter bought himself a $1700.00 rose gold watch but he cannot afford a new mattress or bed or even some furniture for Oscar's room that is not falling apart. I have been keeping my son in clothes with all his good clothes coming from me. Peter gets money from his mother constantly and still does not shop properly or buy Oscar clothes.
I am respectfully asking you for your help in bringing my child home to a healthier environment.
He is much more happier, he is healthier when living with me, he listens to what I ask of him such as brush teeth morning and night, toilet before bed so as not wet it, also I make him use the toilet after each meal so he can start training himself to use the toilet to do his stools and not in his underwear, he eats cooked meals that I prepare,(he was starting to eat cooked meals), he has a clean mattress and is comfortable, he also tells me things he could not tell his father which I feel could be therapeutic for him as he does not open up about anything.
One more thing that really concerns me is that in court, I learnt that my son actually started to open up to the welfare worker saying that he was bullied, yet their lawyer accused me in front of the justice, of dragging my child into my delutions. Now this does both concern me and scare me, because Oscar never speaks about this, yet it seems he has told the worker, who used this information against me, and I am simply left wondering if anything at all is being done to help my son overcome what happened to him. I do not know exactly what he was subjected to, but I do know that it was bad and it crushed him every day. I seen the look on his face every day after school.
We need someone to help us, to hear us, I am so tired of doing this alone and being persecuted for my skills and ability of being psychic.
Please, call any other psychic, call all of them and ask if I am telling you the truth. I have not said everything because you simply would not believe me. If this did not happen to us, I would find it hard to believe, but it did and still is. And absolutely nobody understands or believes me.
Please give me the benefit of the doubt and just call me on my phone number anytime.

I am hoping to hear back from you really very soon

Thank you for your time

Yours faithfully,

Robyn Brown

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From: HRCIntake
ACT Human Rights And Discrimination Commissioner

Sensitive: Personal

Dear Ms Brown,

I am writing in response to your correspondence to the ACT Human Rights Commission.

I understand you are seeking for your son to be returned to your care.

The ACT Human Rights Commission is only able to consider complaints about services provided in the ACT.

As your message relates to events in Tasmania your concerns do not fall within our jurisdiction.

You may wish to seek advice about your rights from an organisation in Tasmania.

As you have raised concerns about the safety and wellbeing of your son, you may wish to contact Strong Families, Safe Kids. More information about their service can be found here: https://www.strongfamiliessafekids.tas.g....

The Commission is not able to assist you further with this matter.

Kind regards,

Caitlin Stamford
Intake and Review Officer
ACT Human Rights Commission
T: 6205 2222 | F: 6207 1034 | TTY: 6205 1666
Level 2, 11 Moore Street Canberra | GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601

I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the ACT and their continuing connection to land and community. I pay my respect to them and their culture, and to the elders past, present, and future.

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