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P. Gale made this Freedom of Information request to University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide did not have the information requested.

From: P. Gale


To: The FOI (Right to Information) Officer
At: [Authority name]

Dear FOI (Right to Information) Officer,

This is not exactly a Freedom of Information/Right to Information request. I'm writing each university in the country informally about their information access. I'd be most appreciative if you would tell me, is your FOI disclosure log up-to-date? If it is not, how out-of-date is it ... how many requests behind? And when do you expect it to be brought up-to-date?

Thank you.

P. Gale (Mrs)
April 14th, 2017

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From: Susan Coppin
University of Adelaide

Dear Mrs Gale

It is not a requirement of the South Australian FOI Act for a disclosure log to be kept.

Therefore, the University of Adelaide does not maintain one.


Sue Coppin

Freedom of Information Officer
The University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA 5005 Ph : +61 8 8313 5184
[mobile number]
Fax : +61 8 8313 3417
e-mail: [University of Adelaide request email]

CRICOS Provider Number 00123M

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From: P. Gale


Dear Ms. Coppin,

The information you provided was most helpful. I will be interested to discover whether there are any universities that publish disclosure logs despite not being compelled to by law!

Thank you.

P. Gale (Mrs.)
April 20th, 2017

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