Documents containing information on DPBO ((Downstream Power Back Off)

MG made this Freedom of Information request to NBN Co Limited

Currently waiting for a response from NBN Co Limited, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

From: MG


Dear NBN Co Limited,

Please provide the follwoing information.

Any correspondence sent to (or from) members of NBNco Government Relations Team discussing:

Downstream Power Back Off (DPBO);
NBN-ADSL co-existence;
interference with (or to) ADSL services.

Please limit this search between the following dates 1 December 2019 to 28 Feburary 2020.

If there are any documents identified within the scope of this request:

Please remove any information that may identify an NBNCo employee (or external person) prior to release. (EG: Email signatures, to/from email addresses, person/street/suburb names)

Yours faithfully,


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From: Rohan Singh
NBN Co Limited

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NBN Classification - Commercial

Dear MG

Please see attached correspondence.


Rohan Singh
Senior Legal Counsel │FOI, Privacy & Knowledge Management
Corporate Advisory and Systems Engineering & Operations Legal Team
Level 13/100 Mount Street, North Sydney NSW 2060

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From: MG


Dear Rohan Singh,

I would like to clarify my request as per below.

Please provide any documents:

1. Sent via email from an NBNCo email address on 17 Feburary 2020;
2. The subject line of the email correspondence contains the exact words: "Charllick Road".

The following information (if present in any documents) is not requested and can be removed/redacted:
1. Sender name(s) and email address(es)
2. Recipient name(s) and email address(es)
3. Any other person(s) name(s)

Yours sincerely,


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