Environmental Health service workload information

Sean La Fontaine made this Government Information (Public Access) request to Gundagai Shire Council

The request was refused by Gundagai Shire Council.

From: Sean La Fontaine


Dear Gundagai Shire Council,

Could you please provide the following workload information for Environmental Health covering the latest possible annual reporting period:

Number of Fixed Food premises (high, medium, low)

Number of Mobile Food businesses

Number of Temporary Food businesses

Number of Single Incident Investigations conducted

Number of Outbreaks investigated

Number of Food Complaints investigated
*NOTE - NSWFA have advised to obtain this information from Council

Number of Skin Penetration businesses

Number of Shared Accommodation premises

Number of Onsite Wastewater Permits Issued

Number of Onsite Wastewater inspections conducted

Number of Sewer overflows investigated

Number of Water Quality monitoring samples

Number of Pool Water samples

Number of Cooling Tower inspections/assessments

Number of Noise, Odour/Air, Asbestos, Clan Labs, Hoarding/Squalor complaints investigated

Number of Pest complaints investigated

Number of DA referral responses

Number of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks assessments/inspections conducted

Yours faithfully,

Sean La Fontaine

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Gundagai Shire Council

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