Evacuation of Mount Waverley Secondary College on March 12 2019

Garry Zhuang made this Freedom of Information request to Victoria Police

The request was partially successful.

From: Garry Zhuang


Dear Victoria Police,
I would like to enquire about a police event that occurred on the March 12 2019 at Mount Waverley Secondary College Senior Campus where the school was evacuated and a safety check was complete.

I will like to request for the investigation files to be made public due to the community interest.

Yours faithfully,
Garry Zhuang

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Victoria Police

Thank you for your email to the Victoria Police Freedom of Information
Division.  Your email has been received and will be actioned as


Please be aware of the following information:


·         If your request is valid, a response and decision on your
request is due as soon as practicable but no later than 30 days after
receiving your request.  If consultation is required, this timeframe will
be extended.



In light of the above information, if documents are required for court
attendances, please consider contacting the Subpoena Management Unit on
(03) 9247 6954.


Further information regarding the Subpoena Management Unit can be found
here:  [1]http://www.police.vic.gov.au/content.asp...



Freedom of Information Division  |  Victoria Police

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Victoria Police

Attachment Zhuang 68495 request fee and ID.pdf
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Dear Mr Zhuang

Find attached a letter in response to your Freedom of Information request.

Kind regards,
FOI Unit

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Garry Zhuang left an annotation ()

I have submitted an payment and ID to Victoria Police for the investigation to proceed.

This should take around 30 Days.

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