Exemptions Provided Under the Relevant Acts to Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

The request was refused by Services Australia.

Trent Morrison-Francis

Dear Services Australia,

Please take this request for any documents that your department holds in relation to any "Exemptions" or "Wavers" as defined by the Webster Dictionary or socially accepted definitions of the words in the country of Australia to comply with any legislation that your office has powers, authority or manages under legislation for its management as a superannuation provider.

To remove any doubt we are asking for all schemes that Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation manages including

ABN: 19 415 776 361
RSE: R1004649

ABN: 39 798 362 763

Military Super
ABN: 50 925 523 120
RSE: R1000306

ADF Super
ABN: 90 302 247 344
RSE R1077063

ADF Cover
ABN: 64 250 674 722

The period for the request relates to all documents created on or after the 01st January 2017 by either your office and or the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (where practicable if your office is not the creator of the documents).

Yours faithfully,

Trent Morrison-Francis


Thank you for contacting the Freedom of Information (FOI) team in Services
Australia (the agency).


This email acknowledges your correspondence and provides some general
information in relation to FOI.


Freedom of Information – Extension of time request

Under the FOI Act you have a right, with limited exceptions, to access
documents the agency holds. A FOI request normally takes 30 days to
process. Please note this period may be extended if we need to consult
third parties or for other reasons. We will advise you if this happens.


Due to the agency’s reduced activity period over December and January we
are seeking your agreement to extend the processing time by an additional
15 days. If you agree to this additional time we would appreciate if you
could reply to this email with ‘I agree’.



Services Australia will advise you if a charge is payable to process your
request and the amount of any such charge as soon as practicable. No
charge is payable for providing a person with their own personal


Your address

The FOI Act requires you to provide us with an address which we can send
notices to. We will send correspondence and notices to your email address.
Please advise us as soon as possible if you wish correspondence to be sent
to another address or if your email address changes.


Administrative release of documents

The agency has administrative access arrangements in place for the release
of certain documents without the need for a formal FOI request. These
arrangements do not extend to information or material of third parties.


Exclusion of staff details

Services Australia is working towards ensuring all staff have a choice
about whether they provide their full name, personal logon identifiers and
direct contact details in response to FOI requests. Where such details are
included in documents they will be redacted. If you request staff details
as part of your FOI application, this may add to processing time and
applicable charges as it will be necessary to consider whether these
details are exempt under the FOI Act.



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FOI.LEGAL.TEAM, Services Australia

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Dear Mr Morrison-Francis


Please find attached correspondence relevant to your Freedom of
Information request dated 7 January 2022.


Kind regards



Information Access Branch

Legal Services Division


Services Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land now
called Australia. We pay our respect to all Elders, past and present, of
all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations.


Please note: This email and any attachments may contain information
subject to legal professional privilege or  information that is otherwise
sensitive or confidential. If you are not the intended recipient of this
email, you are prohibited from using or disseminating this communication.
If you have received this  communication in error please notify the sender
immediately and permanently delete this email.


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Trent Morrison-Francis


I object to your transfer. It’s Pathetic if it’s the departments view that CSC is BETTER to provide exemptions that were provided by services Australia mainly Centrelink and Child Support Etc. These documents would have been created by your document therefore the transfer notification is ill-conceived and not in accordance with the act.

If you claim that no documents exist then you should issue notifications as such.

If you do not confirm you have retained control of this matter then I will reach out to the courts or OAIC for action.

Yours sincerely,

Trent Morrison-Francis