Google's and Microsoft's control over our Mobile phones and computers

This request has been reported as needing administrator attention (perhaps because it is vexatious, or a request for personal information)

Dear Australian Communications and Media Authority,
I wish to understand as to the powers given to Google and Microsoft to force us to first creating accounts with the above mentioned foreign corporations, where in creating an account with the same, they demand our private information before they unlock both computers and mobile phones. And when we enter a password, they can read it, and sometimes they tell us as to what's wrong with the password. Passwords suppose to be secret from everyone except for the user, but it is not. They have total control over the computers and mobile phones and our private information. And they demand our mobile phone number to which they send a so called security code to unlock the account. How could foreign privately owned corporations are granted such great powers over the Australian?

Yours faithfully,

George Katanasho

Freedom of Information, Australian Communications and Media Authority

Dear George,


Thank you for your correspondence of 2 March 2023, seeking information
concerning Google and Microsoft.


Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI Act), a Freedom of Information
(FOI) request must be for documents, not information.  A valid FOI request
must provide enough detail that an agency can identify the documents being
sought. It is unclear from your email what documents you seek for the
purposes of paragraph 15(2)(b) of the FOI Act. Consequently, this is not a
valid request under the FOI Act.


The ACMA is a Commonwealth agency and is responsible for the regulation of
broadcasting, the internet, radiocommunications and telecommunications, in
accordance with the functions and responsibilities set out in Part 2,
Division 2 of the Australian Communications and Media Authority Act 2005.
In relation to the regulation of the internet, the ACMA’s responsibility
is primarily for some limited content matters, such as online gambling,
and some matters related to infrastructure. Accordingly, the ACMA has no
responsibility for the regulation of matters set out in your


You may wish to see whether the [1]Australian Competition and Consumer
Commission, or the [2]Office of the Australian Information Commissioner or
the Privacy Commissioner in your state/territory, deals with those


Kind regards,




FOI Co-Ordinator



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