Dear Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet,

If possible, please treat this as an administrative or informal request.

Otherwise, please consider this a request under the FOI Act.

Please provide the "chain of command" within the jurisdiction of Brisbane.
Brisbane being within the State of Queensland.
This may include officers tasked with key decision making within Brisbane, public servants,mayors etc.

No personal information is necessary.

I ask that all fees in relation to this request be waived because the release of the documents is in the public interest.

Yours faithfully,


Lucas Clarke, Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet

Dear Dave,


I refer to your email below regarding “the "chain of command" within the
jurisdiction of Brisbane”.


As the information you seek relates to the Brisbane City Council (BCC), I
suggest that you undertake further preliminary enquiries with the BCC
directly, through their Right to Information Office.


The contact details (telephone and email) for that office can be found


I have also provided a link to the [2]City of Brisbane Act 2010 which may
also be of use.


I trust this information is of assistance.


Your administrative request to this department is considered to be


Yours sincerely





Lucas Clarke

Manager, Right to Information and Privacy

Government Services

Department of the Premier and Cabinet


P 07 3003 9230

Level 28, 1 William Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

PO Box 15185, City East, QLD 4002



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