Have you Sworn Oath of Allegiance to Queen Elizabeth Second

Department of Parliamentary Services did not have the information requested.

Dear Department of Parliamentary Services,

1) Member for Sturt Honourable James Stevens, are you acting as a duly appointed Crown entity under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as required by law ?.

2) The Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) S.80 1AA " Claiming to be a Commission of Government is an admission to Treason ". Penalty - Life Imprisonment - Deprived of Assets. The Crimes Act is in full force today and when filed correctly there are No immunities from The Justice Act Amendment Bill 1979 and The Criminal Code Act 1995, Do you acknowledge these facts?

Please, I require answers to both questions

Yours faithfully,

Basilios Tsiopelas

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Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia ( red binded version not revised green binded version ).
Crimes Act 1914 (Cth)

DPS Information Requests (DPS), Department of Parliamentary Services

Dear Mr Tsiopelas

Thank you for your email below, dated 18 December 2019.

The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) does not have administrative responsibility for matters addressed in your email. Accordingly, DPS is not able to assist with your request.

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