Dear Queensland Department of Education and Training,

Could I please access a report listing all metropolitan region state high schools that had an audit or health check (formal or informal) undertaken in 2021 and / or 2022? Could the report include:
1. the dates of audit for each school
2. the type of audit (eg. full scope / health check etc)
3. the dates of any verbal or documented reporting of audit results for each school
4. the preliminary, finalised and / or follow up ratings achieved by each school.

Please also publish any finalised audit reports.

Yours faithfully,



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Good afternoon


I refer to your request for information below.  The Department has
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Access Application’ form which can be submitted to the Department by
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Further information about applying for government documents under the
Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) is located in the Office of the
Information Commissioner Queensland Guideline ‘[4]How do I apply for
government documents?’.  Information about accessing government
information is also located on the Department of Education ‘[5]How do I
access information?’  and the [6]Queensland Government Whole of Government
Right to Information website


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Fiona Headrick

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