Is the water in South australia Safe to drink- no unwanted/ unnecessary chemicals/ additives added to our water supply?

Victoria Jewitt made this Freedom of Information request to SA Office of the Minister for Environment and Water

The request was successful.

From: Victoria Jewitt


Dear SA Office of the Minister for Environment and Water,

I would like to know if the water in South Australia has been tampered with unnecessarily. Chemicals that are not needed added? And who would do this? Or is it indeed safe and pure as claimed? Thankyou, I appreciate your time.

Yours faithfully,

Victoria Jewitt.

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From: DEW:Minister Speirs
SA Office of the Minister for Environment and Water

Thank you for contacting the Minister for Environment and Water,  your
enquiry has been received.


This inbox is regularly monitored and your email will be forwarded to the
appropriate area.


If your enquiry is urgent,  please contact us on 08 8463 5680.


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From: Customer Resolution

Dear Ms Jewitt,


Thankyou for your email to the office of the Minister for Environment and
Water, the Hon David Speirs MP.


Upon receiving your correspondence, the office of the Minister for
Environment and Water asked SA Water to respond on its behalf.


SA Water’s primary function is to deliver safe and clean drinking water
and sewerage services to our 1.7 million customers. 


A comprehensive suite of water quality data is publicly available in SA
Water’s Annual Report. Further information towards water quality can be
found on our website, and also on the South Australian Government’s Data
Directory, Data SA.


SA Water works closely with SA Health to ensure that the drinking water is
delivered to our customers according to the requirements of both the Safe
Drinking Water Act 2011 and the Safe Drinking Water Regulations 2012.


Should you require any further information regarding this matter, please
contact me via return email or on ph. 7424 3820.


Kind Regards




Laura Jones


[email address]  •  7424 3820  

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