Location of Wartime Tunnels and Bunkers

Jonathan B made this Freedom of Information request to National Archives of Australia

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

National Archives of Australia did not have the information requested.

Dear National Archives of Australia,

I would like to request copies of maps or documents pertaining to tunnels and bunkers constructed under Newcastle NSW as part of the war effort.

Please consider this an official request under FOI and the archives act.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan B

FOI Shared Mailbox, National Archives of Australia

Good afternoon
Thank you for contacting the National Archives.
Depending on the date of the records you are there are a few options
available to access records in our custody:
Freedom of Information Act
Freedom of Information requests made to the Archives are used to obtain
access to records relating to the administration and practices of the
Archives, rather than other Commonwealth records. Although we may have
custody of a record, the originating agency will ordinarily need to make a
decision under the FOI Act in relation to those records because the
subject matter is more closely connected with functions of that Agency and
the record is considered to be a document of that agency. However, it is
the duty of the Archives to take reasonable steps to assist you to make a
valid FOI request and, if we are not the appropriate agency to deal with
your request, to assist you to direct an FOI request to the appropriate
agency, in this instance the Department of Immigration and Border
Archives Act
Under the Archives Act 1983, requests can be made for archival records
that are in the ‘open access period’, which currently includes records
created up to including 1991. As at 1 January 2017 the open period will
extend to records created up to 1994. Under the Archives Act, all records
are available to be accessed by the public once they enter the [1]open
access period unless they contain material that falls into certain
[2]exemption categories under section 33 of the Act. Types of records
which can be accessed under the Archives Act include records relating to
family history including immigration records.
Freedom of Information requests made to the National Archives of Australia
are used to obtain access to records relating to the administration and
practices of the Archives, rather than other Commonwealth records.
To access records in the Archives’ custody you will need to make a request
under the Archives Act.
This can be done through the Archives’ website at:
[3]http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/askques... or by emailing
the National Reference Service at [4][email address]
You can read more about access to archival records and the open access
period in our fact sheet on [5]access to records under the Archives Act.
I hope this information is helpful.
Warm Regards

Ros Karl
Manager, Governance and National Archives of Australia
Coordination Queen Victoria Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600
Executive Business Section PO Box 7425, Canberra Business Centre ACT
t +61 2 6212 3410 2610
Please note I work part time [6][email address] | naa.gov.au
(Monday to Wednesday and every
2nd Thursday)


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