Management of user personal details on library free WIFI service

Sam Duncan made this Government Information (Public Access) request to State Library of NSW

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The request was successful.

Dear State Library of NSW,

Could you please send through the latest documents that include information about what happens with user personal details entered as part of your free public WIFI service and any third parties that user data is shared with.

If possible, please treat this as an administrative/informal request. Otherwise please proceed with my request as a formal information request under the Act.

Yours faithfully,

Sam Duncan

State Library of New South Wales,

[1]State Library of New South Wales


Here is our response

Question number IR232372

Dear Sam Duncan

We have completed researching your question and our response is below.


My apologies for the delay, the following are responses covering policy and
technical aspects related to your question.

• In our Privacy Management Plan we give an undertaking to only use personal
information for the purpose it is collected.

• This is also a whole of Government undertaking reflected in the Information
Protection Principles (IPPs) IPP 10

• This has a legislative basis in Section 17 of the Privacy and Personal
Information Protection Act 1998

• In accordance with IPP 11, we don’t disclose information to third parties
unless we state it as a purpose for which it is being collected, and not
without obtaining consent from the person we’re collecting the information


When you connect to the Library's public wifi they accept the terms and
conditions but are not required to enter any personal details like name or
email address.

For network management purposes only authorised technical staff can view
device details (MAC address, operating system) and can view session details
(session start and end times, access locations within public areas of the
buildings). As part of network troubleshooting or investigation into activity
that does not meet with the terms of use guidelines, authorised technical
staff could also correlate firewall data to determine services accessed
(including web sites visited) during a given session.

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Maria Wiemers
Ask a Librarian | State Library of New South Wales


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Dear Maria,

Thank you very much for the comprehensive response. That answers all my questions. I appreciate your time in compiling this.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Duncan