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Dear Blacktown City Council,

I have got a lot size of 10m*30m which has easement and it is a zero lot .Could you please help me to know the minimum setbacks and maximum height of building if it is a Double storey Dwelling .The site is in Marsden park .

Yours faithfully,


Blacktown Council, Blacktown City Council

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Murray Nolan, Blacktown City Council


Should your lot be in the growth centre precinct of Council, i.e. around Marsden Park, Schofields or Riverstone the requirements are detailed in Blacktown City Council growth centre precinct Development control Plan. For a block with a 10 metre frontage the following requirements will apply...

Table 4-4: Summary of key controls for lots with frontage width ≥ 9m and ≤15m for front accessed dwellings

Front setback (min) 4.5m to building facade line; 3.5m to building façade fronting open space or
drainage land

3.0m to articulation zone; 2.0m to articulation zone fronting open space or
drainage land

5.5m to garage line and 1m behind the building line

Side setback (min) Detached boundary:

Ground Floor: 0.9m
Upper Floor: 0.9m

Lots with a zero lot boundary (side A):

Ground Floor: 0m (Side A), 0.9m (Side B)
Upper Floor: 1.5m(Side A), 0.9m (Side B)

Length of zero lot line on boundary 11m

Rear setback (min) 4m (ground level) and 6m (upper levels)

Corner lots secondary street setback (min) 2.0m

Building height, massing and siting 2 storeys maximum (3rd storey subject to clause 4.2.5 (1))

Site coverage Single storey dwellings: 60%
Lot ≤375sqm, upper level no more than 40% of lot area.
Lot >375sqm, upper level no more than 35% of lot area.

Landscaped area Minimum 25% of allotment area

Principal Private Open space (PPOS)
Minimum 20m² with minimum dimension of 4.0m.
50% of the area of the required PPOS (of both the proposed development and
adjoining properties) should receive at least 3 hours of sunlight between 9am
and 3pm at the winter solstice (21 June)

Garages and car parking Lots ≥9m and <12.5m:

Where front accessed, single width garages only.
Rear lane or side street accessed double garages permitted.

Max. carport and garage door width not to exceed 3m (single) or 6m (double)

Lots ≥12.5m and ≤15m:
Front or rear accessed single, tandem or double garages permitted

Triple garages are not permitted.

1-2 bedroom dwellings will provide at least 1 car space.

Murray Nolan
Building Surveyor
9839 6000
[email address]
PO Box 63 Blacktown NSW 2148

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