ny or All documents presenting and referring to the isolation of of the Sars Covid 2 / Covid 19 virus and sub strains as a independent biological viral entity at microscopic level.

Parliament of Western Australia did not have the information requested.

Dear Parliament of Western Australia,

Please refer to my request for any official documents presenting the official information of the Sars 2/ Covid 19 virus. I specifically request the documents relating to the isolation of the Covid 19 virus and sub strains as presented to medical bodies for assessment in relation to any supposed vaccine and their benefits and/or side effects.

I specifically wish to see the Department of Health's records of independent research into an isolated form of Sars2 and/or Covid 19 and sub strains.

I specifically wish to see the Department of Healths independent documentation relating to the isolation of the Sars 2 / Covid 19 biological viral entity and the captured vision via electron microscope and/or any other method of capturing vision of the Covid 19 virus at molecular level.

I specifically wish to see documentation related to the assessment of the Covid 19 Viral biological entity in relation to the mandate of Covid 19 vaccines as recommended to Business and/or advice given to business seeking to mandate vaccines for workers.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Peos

Library, Parliamentary, Parliament of Western Australia

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Dear Matthew


The Parliamentary Library cannot assist you with a request to the Health
Department or FOI as the Parliament of Western Australia is separate to
the Western Australian Government.


I suggest you contact the [1]Department of Health directly in the first


There is a form on the Justice Department website to [2]submit an FOI.


Thank you







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