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chris made this Freedom of Information request to Reserve Bank of Australia

The request was successful.

From: chris


Dear Reserve Bank of Australia,

This is *not* a request under the FOI Act. However, I would be interested to know the origin of your logo, including, for example, information about the design brief. A URL would be sufficient if the information is already published onlne.

Yours faithfully,
Joe Citizen

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From: RBAInfo
Reserve Bank of Australia

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Thank you for your email.


Please find attached an article from the Bank’s internal magazine about
the Bank’s logo.






Michael Leslie | Communications Officer |  Media & Communications
RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA | 65 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000
p: +61 2 9551 9830  |  f: +61 2 9551 8033 | w: [1]www.rba.gov.au


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From: chris


Dear RBAInfo,

Great - thanks for the information, exactly what I was interested to know.

Yours sincerely,


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