Dear WA Department of Health,

On the 10th of March 2022 I posted a series of questions to the Chief Health Officer, Dr Andrew Robertson (via his public Twitter account) regarding PCR test and the role they play in determining whether or not there is a "Public Health Emergency" in WA. I realise he is a busy man but I have not even received an acknowledgment of my questions. Therefore I would like to ask for the following information please.

1. What weight is attached to the number of positive PCR tests when determining if there is a Public Health Emergency in WA?
2. How does a PCR diagnose an active case of Covid-19?
3. Can a PCR test distinguish coronavirus from other related viruses like influenza?
4. What is the Cycle Threshold for PCR in WA?
5. What is the false +ve & false -ve results for PCR in WA?
6. Please explain the mechanism of action of mRNA injections in detail.
7. Please list the papers/studies that illustrate safety of mRNA in Animals & Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity safety studies referred to when concluding that mRNA injections are safe for humans?

I'm asking these questions as a concerned WA citizen.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Emmanuel

DOH, FOI, WA Department of Health

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Dear Mr Emmanuel,


Thank you for your email.


Requests made under the Freedom of Information Act (The Act) are for
copies of documents, not to answer questions.


I would suggest directing your queries to PathWest who may be able to
advise you further.


The Chief Health Officer publishes his advice online and may provide
further information for you:


Kind regards,


Kirsty Fehlberg | Freedom of Information Coordinator

Technology & Information Services | Corporate Services | Office of the
Director General

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