Police drug testing 2014/15 and 2015/16

Patrick Mitchell made this Freedom of Information request to Victoria Police

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From: Patrick Mitchell


Dear Victoria Police,

Would you please provide statistics from 2014/15 and 2015/16 regarding:

- drug tests conducted on victorian police officers/psos/unsworn staff
- individual police officers/psos/unsworn staff drug tested
- positive results from drug tests
- which drugs officers/psos/unsworn staff tested positive for
- how many of the tests were targeted
- police officers/psos/unsworn staff suspended/expelled as a result of positive drug tests
- police officers/psos/unsworn staff being investigated for over allegations of dealing, possessing and using illicit drugs

Yours faithfully,

Patrick Mitchell

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Victoria Police

Dear Mr Mitchell,

I refer to your request for documents relating to police drug testing in 2014, 2015 & 2016.

You are welcome to submit an application for this information. Before we can undertake a search for relevant documents, we need some form of proof of identity/ID (such as a scanned copy of your driver’s licence, passport or birth certificate), along with payment of the application fee of $27.90.

1. If you wish to apply for documents online, please go to:



2. To apply by mail, send in your request to FOI Unit, Victoria Police Centre, GPO Box 913, Melbourne Victoria 3001, along with the relevant form of your ID and a cheque or money order made out to Victoria Police for $27.90.

If you have any other queries, please call 9247 6159.


FOI Unit

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Victoria Police

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Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

Can any person explain to me why the Victoria Police (and the NSW police, I think) always tell an applicant that they must provide proof of identify. To me this will be understandable when a person is requesting personal information but in this application the applicant is requesting some statistics.

I do not know the law of the state of Victoria or New South Wales in detail but I do not remember anything in the NSW GIPA Act that would require an applicant to prove who they are. Am I wrong?

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