Position descriptions, classification evaluation and vacancy notification documents for roles at the APSC

Currently waiting for a response from Australian Public Service Commission, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Australian Public Service Commission,

Under the FOI Act, I request the:

a) position description document; and
b) classification evaluation document; and
c) vacancy notification document published in the Public Service Gazette;

for each of the following roles:

i) the Assistant Commissioner, Enabling Services position that Vidya Vasudevan appears to currently occupy;
ii) the Assistant Commissioner, Executive and Statutory Offices position that Martyn Hagan applied for and came to fill;
iii) the Assistant Commissioner, Professions and Pathways position that Vanessa Roarty applied for and came to fill;
iv) the Assistant Commissioner, Hierarchy and Classification Review Implementation position that Ashley Sedgwick applied for and came to fill;
v) the Assistant Commissioner, Workforce Strategy position that Katrina Purcell applied for and came to fill;
vi) the Assistant Commissioner, Leadership & Talent Development position that Kate Boxsell applied for and came to fill;
vii) the Deputy Australian Public Service Commissioner position that Rina Bruinsma appears to be acting in;
viii) the First Assistant Commissioner position that Grant Lovelock applied for and came to fill;
ix) the Chief of Staff position that Emma Rees applied for and came to fill; and
x) the Project Director position that Luke McGrath applied for and came to fill.

You may provide the requested documents to me by return email.

Yours faithfully,


FOI, Australian Public Service Commission

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Dear Raphael


The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) is writing to acknowledge
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receipt. This timeframe may be extended in certain circumstances. You will
be notified if these circumstances arise and the timeframe is extended.




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