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Dear Blacktown City Council,
I want to know about front setback in the Blacktown suburb on an old street for a knockdown rebuild. My block size is 15.24m*37m , I got told that I can build only1 metre ahead from the average of my both side neighbours, but these both houses are nearly 60 years old and are approximately 10-12 meters away from the street. If I build 10-11meter away I would left with nearly no backyard or very small backyard. Could you please guide me through in this matter. Your timely help will be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Blacktown Council, Blacktown City Council

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Lewis Warner, Blacktown City Council

Hi Sandeep,

Blacktown DCP Part C is the applicable development control for your block if you are applying under a DA. This will allow you a 6m front setback regardless of the neighbouring properties.

If you are applying under a CDC then you will need to comply with the SEPP Exempt and Complying Development Codes Housing Code, which does require a setback which is based off the setback of adjoining properties.

Kind regards,

Lewis Warner
Building Surveyor
9839 5949

[email address]
PO Box 63 Blacktown NSW 2148

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