Seeking latest information on SRE SEE Review

Andrea Leong made this Government Information (Public Access) request to NSW Department of Education

The request was refused by NSW Department of Education.

From: Andrea Leong


Dear NSW Department of Education,

I am seeking an update on the Review of Special Religious Education and Special Education in Ethics, particularly the final report that was received from ARTD consultants one year ago today.

- Can you please send through any part/s of the ARTD report that is/are now publicly available?

- If no part of the report is publicly available, please let me know when the report is expected to be available (or, alternatively, if there is not yet a timeframe for its release).

Please treat this as an informal request if possible. Otherwise, please proceed with this as a formal FOI request under the GIPA Act.

Thanks and regards,
Andrea Leong

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From: DECinfo
NSW Department of Education

Dear Andrea,

Your email has been forwarded to the Information access Unit for action.

Lisa Faddoul
Schools and Community Senior Information Officer  |  Strategic Communication Unit
Communication & Engagement
T 02 9561 8999  |  E [email address]

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Luke Bacon left an annotation ()

Andrea, if you don't any success asking for the information, it could be worth requesting the any documents or correspondence that the department from the last 6 months that refer to this report. You might find your answer there, though it would be much easier if they'd just give you the information you need.

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From: contact, sre
NSW Department of Education

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Dear Ms Leong


I write in response to your email of 23 March 2017, regarding the review
of Special Religious Education (SRE) and Special Education in Ethics (SEE)
in NSW Government schools. I note we have previously answered your
questions of a similar nature (GIPA-16-285).


The 2015 Review of SRE and SEE in NSW Government Schools is complete. The
department received the final report for the review of SRE and SEE in NSW
Government schools on 23 March 2016 from ARTD Consultants and the
recommendations are under consideration.


The review is not yet publically available. There is no current timeline
for the release.


Any future information regarding the review will be published on the
department’s website at


Thank you for taking the time to write to the department on this important


Josh Chenery
SRE & SEE Officer | Early Learning & Primary Education
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Confidentiality: This email is from the NSW Department of Education. The
contents are confidential and may be protected by legal professional
privilege. The contents are intended only for the named recipient of this
email. If the reader of this email is not the intended recipient you are
hereby notified that any use, reproduction, disclosure or distribution of
the information contained in the email is prohibited. If you have received
this email in error, please reply to us immediately and delete the



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From: Andrea Leong


Dear Josh,

Thank you for answering my question.

I have asked a similar question before. My reason for asking more than once is that I wish to know not only the contents of the report, but also whether there is progress regarding the release of the report and any associated recommendations.

Best regards,
Andrea Leong

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