Sex offenders in the clearance valley

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Dear NSW Police Force,

Iam a proud mummy of 3 and proud aunty of in excess of 15+ individual children eldest 12 youngest new born (and plenty more from the neighbourhood.) The children come to me with worry on their faces as they feel as if someone is going to take them and hurt them. I have a discussion with the children about stranger danger, self defence as much as I can. Where iam currently residing is a town to which sex offenders (child sex offenders included) seem to set base. Weather it's straight out of jail or have been moved here from organisation's. There has been occasions off attempt child snatching from less then 200metres from a high school which I can assure you has an does happen..
With police recently arresting sex offenders and changing them with such crimes in my local area, why is it I can not seem to get access to a sex offenders list..?
I believe my self, parents, aunty's, uncles an children them self's to some extent need to know whom where when what and how..
I walk my children to school if they ain't picked up by teachers an dropped home. I then start helping doing the drop off pick up with my nephew's and neices. I want to have the children be able to go to our local parks (100metres or so) in the housing area's, with adults knowing who and what we need to be looking out for..
So my question is who an how do I speak to someone who can help release this information..
Public safety is everyone's safety...
We wouldn't need a register if sex (child) offenders where excuted once proven guilty...

Yours faithfully,


NSW Police Force

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