Statistics on fines issued by revenue protection, and police, officers

Andy Thompson made this Government Information (Public Access) request to Transport for NSW

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Transport for NSW did not have the information requested.

Andy Thompson

Dear Transport for NSW,

I'm writing to request statistics on fines issued by revenue protection officers, and NSW police officers in the period since the introduction of the opal card system.

In particular, I'm after statistics for:
- Fines issued that relate to not having, or having an incorrect, ticket. This would include, for example, opal cards that are not 'tapped on'.
- Fines issued for travelling on concession tickets, and not having a valid concession card either on their person or at all.
- Fines challenged by the receiver in court or through other means, and the outcome of that challenge.
- Details on fines 'outstanding' that have yet to be paid.

If available please do not limit any information that can be provided to that above. It would be desired that this information is as 'up to date' as possible, but at the same time I recognise that recent data may not be available.

Yours faithfully,

Andy Thompson

Information, Transport for NSW

Hi Andy

Thank you for your request.

The correct government agency to send this request to would be State Debt Recovery Office.


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