Students and academics fire safety across the campuses

The request was refused by University of Sydney.

Private Requester

Dear University of Sydney,

Can you please disclose information related to any fire testing and confirm that all buildings are compliant for the past 10 years across the campuses?
Students and academics have the right to know.

Yours faithfully,

Private Requester

Tim Robinson (ARMS), University of Sydney


Thank you for your message, however your request does not meet the requirements of the NSW Government Information (Public Access) Act for an application to access information. Please note the NSW GIPA Act is not the same as the Commonwealth Freedom of Information Act, in particular there is an application fee of $30 required to be paid and applications are not anonymous. (See section 41 of the GIPA Act:

Details for making applications to the University may be found here:

Please let me know when you have made the payment and your application will be formally acknowledged and processing will then commence.

The following statement by the University may be of assistance to you:

“The safety of our students and staff is always our highest priority. Since 2017, we have been proactively taking steps to manage the use of cladding in buildings and have registered all relevant buildings on the NSW Government’s cladding regulation online registration system.

While the majority of our buildings have been assessed as compliant with current upgraded fire standards and considered a low-risk, we have – in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment – contracted an independent fire safety engineer to further investigate all the buildings the University has registered and to provide additional advice.

Preliminary testing has indicated some building panels appear to contain material that warrant further investigation and assessment. We have fire safety response strategies in place for these buildings and are developing further options, in conjunction with the relevant authorities, which may include panel replacement and/or other appropriate fire-engineered solutions.”



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