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Jane Doe made this Government Information (Public Access) request to NSW Department of Education

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Department of Education and Communities NSW,

I request the most recent figures on the Teacher Improvement
Program (TIP). The figures provided openly by the department only
state how many teachers were placed on the program not their
outcomes. It also only states how many teachers were dismissed for
poor performance each year.

The department has stated a desire to maintain quality teaching in
public schools and has basic data on the TIP available to the
public. It does not however provide enough information to
understand the effectiveness of their policy.

Maintaining the standards of teaching in public schools is in the
public interest, therefore it is also in the public interest to
know the effectiveness of your policies in maintaining these
standards. In order to better understand the TIP as a means of
maintaining teaching quality I request that more information be
supplied. There is no risk of personal information of individuals
being released and confidentiality should not be an issue raised.
The information requested is this:

For the most recent available 5 year figures

How many teachers were put on a TIP?

How many teachers passed the TIP?

How many teachers resigned following a TIP?

How many were dismissed?

How many were given some form of remedial action as a result of the
TIP outcome?

How many of the teachers had more than five years experience?

The gender breakdown?

The age breakdown?

Yours faithfully

Jane Doe

IA Unit, NSW Department of Education

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Dear Jane Doe


Thank you for your email received today requesting information about
Teaching quality held at the Department of Education.


Your email will be forwarded to the relevant business centre for further


A response will be provided to you as soon as practicable.



Fiona Hughes

Admin & Information Access Officer acting | Information Access Unit| Legal

Level 7, 35 Bridge Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 | T: 02 9561 8734 | F: 02 9561
1157 |E: [1][DEC request email] 

[email address]




If you receive this email by mistake, please delete it and notify me. The
Department of Education does not waive any privilege or confidentiality
associated with this email.



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IA Unit, NSW Department of Education

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Dear Jane Doe

Thank you for your request for access to information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 ('GIPA Act'). The Department of education makes information it holds available under proactive release or informal release where reasonably possible.

The Department collects information about the Teacher Improvement Program (TIP). The table in the attached 'response' document indicates whether the data you require for the last 5 years is (a) already available, (b) not collected or (c) held but needs to be collated manually to provide totals.

Some of the information you seek is publicly available on the Department's website -Statistics and Reports webpage. It is updated and published annually. This is a link to the most recent data: https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/media/downloa...

For the information that is not already available, informal release is not suitable because of the work required to collate the data. You may apply for formal access under s.9 of the GIPA Act.

I enclose a leaflet about the Department's GIPA Act formal access process and a suggested application form. If you decide to make a formal application please return the completed form with the $30 fee.

Please note, the Department is not required to create a new record to satisfy a request for information under the GIPA Act but may do so. Further, as this request is for non-personal information, a processing charge of $30 per hour may apply.

It may be helpful for you to discuss your request with the Information Access Unit before you lodge it. Our telephone number is 9561 8151 and the reference is Informal 2015-055.


Elissa Stathis
Information Access Unit
Legal Services Directorate
Department of Education
Level 7, 35 Bridge Street SYDNEY NSW 2000

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